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Small-n-funky vehicle nerds, Honda Fit freaks and JDM fetishists with families take note: though we’ve heard no indication of it in the mainstream auto media (and Honda offers no hints of it at its “future cars” page), some Reuters reporting seems to indicate that the Fit Shuttle, which just debuted in Japan, is heading to the US market. Towards the end of a piece on Honda’s silly discount guarantee on out-of-stock cars (Japanese-built cars need not apply… go figure), Reuters notes:

The No. 3 Japanese automaker warned investors on Tuesday that operating profit could fall as much as 65 percent this year because it has had to delay the launch in the United States of major models, including its new Fit Shuttle and a new version of its top-selling Civic

Honda already has 7,000 pre-orders for the Fit Shuttle in Japan, according to another report, which goes on to note that the Shuttle Hybrid costs about $5k less than the Toyota Prius V in Japan. Remind us again, why did Ford decide to cancel its seven-passenger C-Max? To compete more directly with this one-two punch of Japanese hybrids?

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24 Comments on “Reuters: Honda Fit Shuttle US-Bound...”

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    If Honda does offer this for sale in the U.S. I think it would sell well. I like the styling, looks much better than a C Max I saw on the road yesterday.

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      Why would this sell any better than the Mazda 5? I LIKE the smaller vans but everyone I know seems to want to get the most square footage for the buck – even if it is going to cost them MPG and not last over 125K miles (worn out SUV suspensions come to mind…)

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    Bring it on! Finally a replacement for the old Shuttle/Wagovan from the eighties.

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    I like this. I’d like it better if it wasn’t a hybrid since Honda’s hybridization is a poor substitute for Toyota’s.

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    I’m not sure why it would be any more competitive with the expanding Prius lineup than the Insight is. Love the interior though.

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    C’mon American Honda, make it happen. Automatic entry on my shortlist, if it makes it here…

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      I just spent a little more time checking out the Shuttle on the Honda Japan website. Six feet of cargo space behind the first row in something this size? Hey American Honda, if you are checking this, I will put down a deposit at my local dealer as soon as you announce its coming here. Really.

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    This cures the biggest issue I have with the Fit, and that’s the god-awful C-pillar styling (with the added bonus of increased interior room). If Honda brings a Shuttle hybrid variant to the US, it should give the Prius V quite a challenge.

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      The styling is not Star Trekish enough for you?

      I seriously think that maximizing the interior space you can get from a vehicle is going to have a bigger role in vehicle design. It will allow less fuel use and increase the value of their purchase in consumer’s eyes. What’s against it is the thought of cannibalizing sales of the size-class above it when you can get the same room for less money, but the requirements for greater fuel economy and less balance-of-payments deficits mean something like this will have to be done.

      I don’t understand how delaying new models will lead to such a big reduction in operating profits, though, unless the auto industry now needs to run on 3 year design cycles to get fatter margins on car introductions. It does make you wonder if reliability and the testing that can be done before a vehicle launch will suffer too much.

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    Well I’ll definitely be looking at that if it comes to Canada. As others have said, bring it on!

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    Love the odes to premium Ford products: swivel bucket seat and bar light grill!

    I think this vehicle would do rather well if it’s around $20k. Replace the Insight for many shoppers.

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    I’m not going to hold my breath. Honda has been supposedly bringing over their Stream badged as a Latitude for years now.

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    I like it way better than the standard Fit. Does anyone else see a bit of SAAB 9-5 wagon in that back end?

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    I see Saab in it too. The regular Fit is still probably much more fun to drive though. This looks too roly-poly, like it is perched on a platform one size too small.

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    Is that a radio delete panel in pic fitshuttle2?!? That will definitely not make it to America!

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    Dat ass.
    Seriously though, this looks like a cool little wagon.

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    I like it! Same motor as the standard Fit or upgrade?

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    I owned a p.o.s. Shuttle when I lived in Tokyo. Thankfully I only drove it a few thousand miles a year. Trains were usually quicker to get where we were going. Found memories still though.

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    If either one of these vehicles comes with a trailer hitch suitable for towing a 4’x8′ utility trailer, it goes to the top of my short-list. That goes for the C-Max Energi, too. There are finally cars aimed at my segment. :-)

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    For a transportation appliance, this looks very cool. And the best thing is that you can tell it has the classic Honda DNA in it.

    And the other best thing…actual interior design. Common Honda, oceans of flat grey do not an interior make.

    If they can spice it up, maybe with the R18 engine, this could be spiritual successor to the Element.

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    If they bring over the Hybrid, I wonder if it will just as a mediocre competitor to the Prius V as the Insight is to the Prius itself.
    Honda’s Hyrbids are lukewarm at best in terms of trying to beat Toyota, I don’t see how this one would be any different.

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    I don’t know about the US, but judging from all the Fits (Jazz over here) and Mazda 5s on the roads here in Norway, they should bring it here. On the other hand, Norway has caught on the CUV fad really hard ( they really fit in perfectly over here),so the refreshed CR-V will still be Honda’s main seller here.
    My grandfather used to have a couple of the late 80’s Shuttle 4×4’s. Fun and practical cars, that even looked good, hard to find one today.

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