1963 VW Bus Sells For $217,800

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
1963 vw bus sells for 217 800

Got a VW microbus in your garage, back from when you listened to Jimi Hendrix and the Doors? Need some serious money? Two options:

You can either try to find one of those asbestos heat exchanger class action lawsuits (although it’s a bit late in the game).

Or you could put your bus up for auction. A good one can fetch $217,800

Yes, you did read right. A 23-window 1963 Volkswagen with full-length sunroof went for that price (including bidder’s fee) at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Orange County. This was “by far the most ever paid for one at auction,” says speedtv.

The second priciest car was a 1970 Dodge Hemi Challenger from the Dave’s Garage Collection. It was bid up to $215,600

A brand new custom 2011 Mustang GT500 built by West Coast Customs went for the –by comparesion – relatively paltry sum of $105,000.

A 1973 Ferrari Daytona was bid to $325,000 but failed to meet its reserve.

Now don’t think any old VW bus will make you rich. It must be an exceptional one in exceptional condition. A lesser 1965 21-window VW bus had sold earlier for $82,500, with bidder fee.

Some other top sales (including bidder fees):

• 1957 Cadillac convertible, $172,700.

• 1964 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III James Young sedan, $159,500.

• 2005 Ford GT, $165,000.

• 1970 Chevelle SS LS5 convertible, $137,500.

• 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner hardtop, $121,000.

• Custom 1955 Chevy Nomad, $121,000.

• 1968 Shelby GT350 convertible, 121,000.

• 1937 Ford street rod, $110,000.

• 1961 Impala coupe, $110,000.

• 1957 Chevrolet convertible, $106,700.

• 1958 Corvette 283/270 four- speed, $99,000.

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  • Johnxyz Johnxyz on Jun 28, 2011

    I've read several comments about the inordinately high sell prices at Barrett-Jackson in recent years. It's got to be Speed Channel coverage and really rich guys getting intoxicated in the auction fervor (the cocktail waitressess help that along, too). And then B-J adds their 10%! The sell prices on Mecum seemed so much lower. But you're in Indiana, sipping on PBR and not Vegas surrounded by bags of money, and celebrities (including the auctioneer assistants now famous in their own right). I've seen cars on Mecum I would of bid on. Do you have any examples of cars sold at B-J in the last 2-3 years (at any of the venues - doesn't matter) that have been a good deal, well-bought or even an outright steal??? That was crazy money for that Micro Bus... Auctions are kinda suppose to be a place to find a bargain, right?

  • Nolaplus Nolaplus on Jan 29, 2013

    I have a 69 van sitting in a backyard, just waiting for the chance for someone to fix it up and make a fortune. Want more info?

  • ToolGuy 38:25 to 45:40 -- Let's all wait around for the stupid ugly helicopter. 😉The wheels and tires are cool, as in a) carbon fiber is a structural element not decoration and b) they have some sidewall.Also like the automatic fuel adjustment (gasoline vs. ethanol).(Anyone know why it's more powerful on E85? Huh? Huh?)
  • Ja-GTI So, seems like you have to own a house before you can own a BEV.
  • Kwik_Shift Good thing for fossil fuels to keep the EVs going.
  • Carlson Fan Meh, never cared for this car because I was never a big fan of the Gen 1 Camaro. The Gen 1 Firebird looked better inside and out and you could get it with the 400.The Gen 2 for my eyes was peak Camaro as far as styling w/those sexy split bumpers! They should have modeled the 6th Gen after that.
  • ToolGuy From the listing: "Oil changes every April & October (full-synth), during which I also swap out A/S (not the stock summer MPS3s) and Blizzak winter tires on steelies, rotating front/back."• While ToolGuy applauds the use of full synthetic motor oil,• ToolGuy absolutely abhors the waste inherent in changing out a perfectly good motor oil every 6 months.The Mobil 1 Extended Performance High Mileage I run in our family fleet has a change interval of 20,000 miles. (Do I go 20,000 miles before changing it? No.) But this 2014 Focus has presumably had something like 16 oil changes in 36K miles, which works out to a 2,250 mile average change interval. Complete waste of time, money and perfectly good natural gas which could have gone to a higher and better use.Mobil 1 also says their oil miraculously expires at 1 year, and ToolGuy has questions. Is that one year in the bottle? One year in the vehicle? (Have I gone longer than a year in some of our vehicles? Yes, I have. Did I also add Lucas Oil 10131 Pure Synthetic Oil Stabilizer during that time, in case you are concerned about the additive package losing efficacy? Yes, I might have -- as far as you know.)TL;DR: I aim for annual oil changes and sometimes miss that 'deadline' by a few months; 12,000 miles between oil changes bothers me not at all, if you are using a quality synthetic which you should be anyway.