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According to VWVortex, 1,461 Etienne Aigner Edition 1991 Golf Cabrios were sold in North America. I found one in a Northern California junkyard last year, and now here’s another. You’d think such an exclusive, one-year-only Golf would have legions of collectors driving the values well above scrap price, but the junkyard evidence shows otherwise.

I found only one Etienne Aigner Golf for sale on Craigslist, and the seller wants a maybe-not-so-realistic $2,900 for it.

Once again, we learn that partnerships between fashion houses and automobile makers, whether we’re talking about Oleg Cassini and AMC or Cartier and Ford, don’t translate into long-term— or even immediate— value for the automobile makers. How about other branding partnerships? Forget Apple or Google— I mean, of course, a Lemmy Kilmister Edition Aston Martin Vantage!

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14 Comments on “Junkyard Find: Two Etienne Aigner Golfs Down, 1,459 To Go...”

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    $2900 isn’t really that unrealistic if its in as good shape as the seller claims considering how rare it is and that it only has 84k on it. VW nuts have no problem shelling out that kind of money for cars that other people wouldn’t look twice at. definitely worth it if it has the 2.0 16v but i doubt it

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    Hershey, PA Craigslook find —  — Asking $4,885 with 144K on the clock!  The boot must be filled with briefcases and shoes.
    Greensville, SC (also craigslook) —  — $3,500 with no mileage listed in ad.
    It includes the following verbiage — [mistakes as in original]
    “What a rare opportrunity. One of 2951 designer edition, Atienne Aigner, cabriolets produced worldwide. Only 1460 were delivered to these shores with 639 being offered in green for model year 1991. Offered in Mangrove Green Metallic over a Aigner specified green designer cloth interior, options were limited to a transmission choice, a power top and heated seats. This vehicle has the more desireable 5 speed manual transmission but neither the power top or heated seats.. Otherwise, power windows, power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, and a unique interior matching convertible top boot were all standard on these special cars. This one will make a great collectable or a great and unique daily driver.”

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    Did you find them rusting peacefully behind a pile of 1990 Bill Blass Edition Lincoln Continental Mark VIIs?

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    Dude, with this second find, that’s still only .0013% of Etienne Aigner Golfs in junkyards. I’m confident the collector’s value of the rest are fine…

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    I see the Transit as a better fit for Mr. Kilmister.

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    The sad thing is, the owner could have probably made more money selling this to some VW fanboy on an online forum. At least somebody snagged the wheels– the ones that came on the Entinne Aigner were probably the coolest offered from VW in the early 90s.
    Has anyone else around here owned a Cabriolet? My father bought one new in ’92, it was just totaled last year. Fun little car.

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      i learned to drive on an 84 Rabbit convertible. still have the thing. you’re right. they are fun.

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      If this is pick n pull, all aluminum wheels are pulled before the car goes in the yard. Then they seem to save only wheels with FOUR good tires on them. The rest are probably thrown in the smelter.

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      My mom had an 82, not quite as good to drive as my Scirocco, but top down driving was fun.

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        I just sold my 1991 Cabriolet with 44,000 miles. Had it for about 6 years and enjoyed the hell out of it. Cheap to run and keep on the road. I used it for approx 20,000 miles purchased it for $2,500.00 spend approx $500.00 for getting it ready for the road (Tires timing belt etc) and enjoyed 6 years of trouble free service. As i have a new car i put a ad in Ebay for $5,000.00 and sold it 22 hours later. $5,000.00 cash. Now three weeks later i am looking for another small car to beat around in. Had a very soft spot for that car. Warm day top down nothing like it.   

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      @Cabriolet, 44,000 miles?! God man! You bought it from a little old lady, I’m assuming?
      When my father’s was totaled, it had 170k miles, and was at the stage where numerous little things were beginning to go out. Although I miss the car a lot, I suppose it was time for a replacement– he needed something a little bigger anyway. He now has a loaded TDI Sportwagen– bought from the same dealership as the Cabriolet was 18 odd years earlier.

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    As odd as it seems for a “collectible” car to be scrapped like this, it happens more often than one would think. Many people who own such cars haven’t bought them for their rarity, the car just happened to be available when they were looking for one.

    An old high-school friend is an example. He had a nasty-looking 1968 Dart 2-door hardtop with a foot-tall rusty homemade roof rack on it. The fact that it was a GTS with a 383 engine didn’t matter to him. I remember him complaining when he sold it for $150 that the buyer had been unhappy that the Torqueflite transmission was going out. And no, I sure as hell didn’t know he’d wanted to sell it – I’d have been there with cash in my hand.

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    urien gutierrez

    I have one, is in mexico , guadalajara,
    interested write [email protected]
    has california license .
    or call 001 3331173908 cell phone, speak spanish. :D

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