Junkyard Find: 1970 IHC Scout

Murilee Martin
by Murilee Martin
junkyard find 1970 ihc scout

While the large numbers of Scouts on the extremely urban and snow-free Island That Time Forgot never made sense to me, it’s no surprise that the tough little International Harvester trucks still roam Colorado in large numbers. Still, with so many Scouts, some are going to end up facing The Crusher, and that’s what’s happened to this battered ’70.

It looks pretty solid at first glance, but closer examination reveals plenty of Bondo-covered rust. Still, there should have been plenty of life left in this truck. I blame cheap Subarus!

Damn if I can ID IHC V8s at a glance. If this is the factory-installed engine, it should be a 180-horsepower 304 (not to be confused with the unrelated AMC 304).

I’m tempted to buy one of the valve covers to hang on my garage wall.

Compare this instrument panel to the “information centers” that came later. Sure, most of those cheapo gauges probably failed by 1975, but they sure look cool.

We need more road vehicles made by farm equipment manufacturers!

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  • Scoutdude Scoutdude on Apr 04, 2011

    Definitely not the original engine. The 304 was never available with a 4bbl and since it's deck height is shorter than the 345/392 you can't swap intakes. That intake having an EGR valve and being a square bore with the recess puts the intake at least as a ~77-8 model year which would make it a 345 if the intake goes with the engine. The definitive way to ID is to clean the gunk off the boss under the front of the pass side head where they stamped V3xx and the suffix of A meant a lt duty cost reduced version while the E suffix denotes that it was fitted with the flat top emissions pistions and corresponding heads. That intake will bring around $100 bucks and those headlight surounds parking lights and grille are in demand as well not to mention the slider windows and really really hard to find in that good condition rear seat. If I didn't do Scout II's and have my share of spare 4bbl intakes for future projects.....but those pieces will sell on E-bay for good money. I see an easy $1000 worth of parts there. All in all I know many people who have put much much rougher Scouts back on the road or are driving them in worse condition.

  • Andy D Andy D on Apr 05, 2011

    IH parts are mostly unobtanium. I see a Blue one in the summers, but most are long gone.

  • ToolGuy Here is an interesting graphic, if you're into that sort of thing.
  • ToolGuy Nice website you got there (even the glitches have glitches)
  • Namesakeone Actually, per the IIHS ratings, "Acceptable" is second best, not second worst. The ratings are "Good," "Acceptable," "Marginal" and "Poor."
  • Inside Looking Out "And safety was enhanced generally via new reversing lamps and turn signals fitted as standard equipment."Did not get it, turn signals were optional in 1954?
  • Lorenzo As long as Grenadier is just a name, and it doesn't actually grenade like Chrysler UltraDrive transmissions. Still, how big is the market for grossly overpriced vehicles? A name like INEOS doesn't have the snobbobile cachet yet. The bulk of the auto market is people who need a reliable, economical car to get to work, and they're not going to pay these prices.