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Battered old pickups tend to survive on the steets longer than their car counterparts, since a smoke-barfing, rod-knocky Joad Family-style truck can still haul a load of stolen copper wire just as well as a cherry Adnan Khashoggi Edition™ Blackwood. Still, the time comes when the duct-tape bills (or, in this case, the parking-ticket fines) can’t be paid, and another California veteran hauler faces the cruel steel jaws of The Crusher.

The Hayward Police Department red-tagged this flamed ’66, giving the owner 72 hours to move it or face the consequences. Red-tagging is almost always the result of a complaint by a neighbor, generally as one act of many in a lengthy dispute. It costs a few hundred bucks to get your towed car out of the Lubyanka when this happens, and this truck’s owner couldn’t or wouldn’t come up with the cash.

The good news is that plenty of parts, including most of the interior and dash items, have been salvaged and should live on in other Chevy and GMC trucks of the era.

Not much interest in a 2-barrel 283 or 327 small-block of questionable condition these days.

The McGwire/Canseco-era A’s sticker suggests that this truck may have pulled tailgate-party duty at the Oakland Coliseum, back in happier times.

There’s nothing like an old-timey flame job to enrage the Avalon-driving neighbors and get the HPD to whip out the red stickers.

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8 Comments on “Junkyard Find: 1966 Chevrolet C10 Pickup...”

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    Jerry Sutherland

    Here’s a 66 Chevy truck that had a much kinder fate-from farm truck to show truck all in one family.

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    Nice 1977-1979 T-bird or Cougar XR7 wheel hiding under the truck

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    bumpy ii

    There is a shortbed ’65 C-10 gradually rotting away about a mile away from me. I sometimes feel a bit bad about that, then I remember that, at the pace I’m setting, fixing up the ’66 GMC in my carport will take the rest (maybe more) of my life.

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    Americans never learn, until it is too late! Where is “all” the Harley Davidson Pan Heads and Knuckle Heads? Where can you find Chevvy 55-57. Pontiac GTO? Here in Sweden, Finland and Norway! You don’t understand until too late that many of the cars and motorcycles from USA are part of our culture and some of it is modern art. We bougt the Pan Heads and Knuckle Heads 30 years ago. Same with cars from the fifthies. Since then we have bought cars from the sixties and now even some cars from the seventies are coming. They are not worth much now, but wait! This 1966 pickup is worth saving!

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    Four wheel drum,non-power assisted brakes. those babies are for showin’ not slowin!

    BTW the site logged me in as Jim Fuerstenberg! Jeffer

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    Heck, Jeffer, I’m logged in as you, but I ain’t you….

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    I love this vintage Chevy pickups. The GMCs were a bit too goofy for my tastes but they really did a good job with the Chevys of this era. Another vehicle on my list when I occasionally scan Search Tempest and eBay for projects.

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    The 67-72’s are my all-time favorites but the 60-66’s were also pretty cool. Lots of mechanical interchangability between 63-72.

    In 1993, I came across a ’65 C-10 shortbed Fleetside from Georgia. A 305/stick had been swapped in…it was quite driveable and enjoyable for $2800. But my wife said no due to bad memories…a college buddy who’s calling card was his ’63 C-10 blew his brains out over the failure of his second marriage a couple years before. Bringing that truck home would’ve been a constant reminder.

    Someday I’ll be driving my ’68 C-10. Somebody oughta save this ’66.

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