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“Is it a war when only one guy is fighting and the other guy is laughing? Just askin’… because I’m all smiles.”

Ray Wert, speaking to the audience at home, after breaking a record previously held by John Horner. In the course of four hours, Wert left eleven comments to a single post. He managed to have only one of his comments deleted for uncivil language, involving either the buttocks, or a donkey, or the collection of all associated primes of a module M.

WARNING: Name calling is not tolerated on TTAC. The first offense will result in the deletion of the comment, or a ban, at the sole discretion of the help here at TTAC. The second offense will result in an immediate ban. Warnings will not be issued. Arguing with the help is a fast-track to eternal banishment.

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44 Comments on “Quote Of The Day: Make Love, Not War...”

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    Wow in that picture he looks like Jarred, the Subway guy.

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    Kosher Polack

    Hey, pardon the comment jack, but do you guys still accept review submissions by complete strangers? I tried contacting you but I suspect my e-mail was eaten by some long-defunct Farago-era account. I don’t have to be paid or anything (but the writer’s guide I got from Farago 3 years ago says I get $100/article! Swank!), I just can’t stand my boring job and want to think about something fun for a change.
    And I don’t even HAVE LeMons money! YET.

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      Jack Baruth

      Hey Kosher,
      Bertel actually published this one :) but if you’re on Facebook, I’m the only Jack Baruth. Send me a message, or DM me on Twitter, where I am also… JackBaruth.

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    If arguing with the staff is eternal banishment, what will the delivery of box to tasty donuts to the TTAC offices grant?

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    Ray always does that. Saying he’s all smiles and it’s you who’s all bad. Burns tighter than Ed’s budget.

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    Whew! I’m glad Dan beat me to this one, as I’m not sure what to make of all the sniping back and forth between the two websites. I go to the other site once in a while, based on links from here, usually in the middle of an argument or conflict, but I don’t stay, because I find too much of the writing to contain content offensive to me. [previous comments deleted]

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    Kevin Kluttz

    What in the world are you talking about??

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    Apparently I’m the slowest horse in the race because I’m not getting something here.

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    Bertel! Ray! You two stop fighting this minute or I’m turning this car around and we’re going home…And NO ICE CREAM!!

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      You’re not a grown up until  you can drive at 70mph with one hand on the wheel and the other flailing in the back seat while you scream “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!”

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      Ronnie…why do you think we kids always rode in the back of the (’58 Olds) station wagon!

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      A professional can do it at over 80 mph. My Dad was quite capable of reaching behind the seat at speeds in excess of 90 mph, while smoking a cigarette, and whacking the heck out of one of us.

      That’s why the choice seating position was pressed up against the passenger door behind Mom, cowering while my Dad beat the crap out of my brother, or whatever cousin unlucky enough to be crammed into the middle!

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      My Dad would pull over to the side of the road to vent his anger. Usualy it involved opening the back door. My brother tried locking the door once. Odd, I don’t remember him trying that tact a second time.

      After awhile all the oldman had to do was take his foot off the gas. We were very aware of how thing were going to go down after he pulled over,it was a major determent.

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      Mikey –

      If we pushed it too far, yeah my dad would stop the car too. I recall once being yanked out of the car on the shoulder of the 401 somewhere around Oshawa and getting the living daylights knocked out of me! 

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      In most places and in many cases if a person were observed disciplining a child in public in such a manner as described by a few above there would be law enforcement involvement, court dates, hearings and follow up child services visits. In this society it is considered a reason to call the cops if you see a man beating a kid on the side of the road.
      When I was a child it happened all the time to me and my two sisters, no one ever called the cops for us back then! Our father was a preacher, and was fond of never sparing the rod.
      Kids got it too easy now-a-days I say. Smack ’em around a little when they act up. They’ll be fine! I swear!
      See how great I turned out?
      Toooooo easy…..   :)

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    Confused persons (as I was) might achieve some enlightenment by perusing an article from yesterday:

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    I don’t mind a bit of tongue in cheek ribbing once in a while, but this latest flame war is getting a bit boring. Sorry. I come to TTAC to read the articles on cars, the industry, check out the opinions and occasionally giggle at Mr Baruth’s latest exploits involving guitars, alcohol, cars and/or bra’s. What I don’t want to read is how much TTAC and Jalopnik and their various writers don’t get on and their steadily escalating war of words. It’s all a bit too silly.

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    FWIW, I was the target of the “as$” remark and I think the comment was partly in jest. I was being deliberately condescending so I didn’t take umbrage. Readers should know that Ray’s comment was not deleted at my request. I understand why the editors deleted it, but I didn’t think it was a big deal.
    Ray still hasn’t taken away my yellow star over at Jalopnik.
    Wait a second. I was needling my fellow Hebrew Wert about something Jewish, you’re German, Ed’s German American, and I’m talking about yellow stars? There’s a joke in very poor taste in there somewhere.

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    ACADEMIC politics are so vicious precisely because the stakes are so small.
    Attributed to Kissinger, Moynihan and others. Replace Academic with Car blog as desired.

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    Maybe Mr. Burgess realized just how limited his options really were for replacing his lost income from being a professional auto critic in a world where changing technologies (internet) have greatly reduced the number of full time paid print positions.  The reality is that we really don’t need “professional journalists” to share their brilliance with us when their are so many other alternatives available.  Maybe Mr. Burgess decided to climb back on to the sinking ship of print journalism so he can milk the $$$ and union benefits a little while longer until he either comes up with a better plan next time.

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    This is all getting a bit childish on the part of both parties, isn’t it?

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    Jack Baruth

    From a biography:
    Also that year Biggie’s daughter T’Yonna was born and Tupac mocked Biggie in a video claming he had slept with his wife, Faith. Biggie admitted that during this time he was afraid for his life. It became Death Row vs. Bab Boy, Suge Knight vs. Puffy, and Tupac vs. Biggie. Sometime in ’95 Tupac got in touch with Biggie and said “I was just tryin’ to sell records.”
    Unfortunately for Jalopnik, in this East Coast – West Coast battle, there’s only one participant with a history of random violence.

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    Dear Editor(s) – please review your articles for the last three days and let me know how many are related to the truth about cars, and not some diversions and personal vendettas.
    This “article” is the most inane thing I’ve ever seen, and I have walked away from another fan website that even had “anarchy” in its name, solely because the editors decided to pursue personal vendettas instead of talking about the subject for which the site was created.
    Maybe someone on your staff needs a time-out, i.e. renting C200 and doing a CAR review for us.
    Thank you.

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      All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
      Yes, it’s childish, but so far this rivalry has been entertaining (at least from the TTAC side – I haven’t even bothered to check out that other site).
      TTAC isn’t only about cars.  It’s always included the truth about auto journalism.  As long as TTAC keeps focused on the auto industry, I’ll keep reading.
      Offtopic: remember the old HardOCP?  Before 9/11, it was a great website about computer performance and overclocking.  Afterwards, it became a ignorance-fueled hate-fest.

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      Pardon me if this sounds curt: if TTAC stuck to your view of The Truth About Cars, I’m checking out. I never signed up for that. We’ve been nailing the automotive media and the PR-types since I joined in 2006.  It’s what we do!

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    I’m kind of disappointed Wert only made one over-the-line comment; His behavior when he comes over here is offensive.  Last time, he deflected my perfectly civilized gripe about his site’s direction, trumping up Justin Hyde’s “award winning” journalism credentials.  And then he tried to be cute by taking a pot shot at a grammatical error in my comment.
    Lame.  Everyone on the current Jalopnik staff has the same attitude, delivering backhanded insults with a innocent smile.  “Oh, we didn’t mean it.  We kid, we kid.”  Baloney.  The lady doth protest too much.  I’m sick of it, and that’s one of many reasons I stopped frequenting that site.  Please don’t let that garbage continue to spill over here.

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    I’ve seen this episode of iCarly.  My only question is: Which one of you is Fred, because I really want to punch that kid.

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    Seriously?  This is what is replacing print journalism?
    Print journalism was a lot of things.  At its worst, it was obsequious or it was stodgy. But it was never a hair-pulling slap fight between girls in a middle school bathroom.  The reason for this, I suspect, was not because there was a more collegial atmosphere back in the days of yore, but because there was someone in the organization that recognized that this did not interest readers, did not add to the bottom line, and would you kindly STFU about your petty dirt wars with rival publications.  I’ll humbly suggest in the absence of such an authority figure at the respective sites that the reasoning holds true, whether the words are printed on vellum or encoded in ASCII. If you seek justification in the comments of those who like to watch fireworks , I’ll ask you to grade on a curve that assumes the internet is fundamentally a cesspool (see: comments on any youtube video, ever) comprised of people that like to watch cesspools form, and comment on them.
    I am a long time RSS subscriber (both TTAC and Jalopnik), and first time commenter.  I tune in to read about ridiculously fast cars I can’t afford, live vicariously through people paid to drive these cars and elaborate on how awesome they are. This is neither complicated subject matter, or reader-author relationship, so I ask you not to make it so.  So can we, pretty please with sugar on top, STFU about who provides the best free content, and get back to regularly scheduled content.

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      Jack Baruth

      Sorry for the delay in approving this comment… my fault. I’ve approved it, and now I’ll respond. :)

      The historical record doesn’t support your suggestion that print journalists never attacked each other. C/D attacked Motor Trend without fail, every single month, for YEARS, even if said attack was occasionally limited to just a few snarky remarks in the “Letters” section. Newspapers of record in the United States have gone on virtual jihads against each other from the very day the second newspaper arrived in a town already served by a first one. Alexander Pope attacked Lord Hervey after Hervey attacked him. Johnson and Addison tussled. Hell, Chaucer’s work contains multiple references which demean competitors long since disappeared into the mists of time.

      It’s worth noting that many of the aforementioned attacks were also in deadly earnest, in the sense that they were meant to drive the competing outlet out of business. Here at TTAC, we no more want Jalopnik to go out of business than Rachel Maddow wants Fox News to start espousing liberal causes. What we want is for our competition to stay alive, healthy, yet continually doing the kind of dumb-assed stuff which makes it possible for me to earn a meager dollar lampooning them. I’m happy to say that I expect this to be the case for some time yet to come.

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      you should read the new york post or daily news some time. or save your brain and don’t… but know that they take daily shots at their competitors.

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    If exchanging passive aggression is part of some august tradition of the printed word, then OK if you insist.  I’ll confess when I think of Chacucer I don’t immediately reach for his lesser work, Chaucer Totally Pwns This One Dude, an Epistle in Seven Volumes.  I didn’t say never, and I guess my point was it was never the lede.
    On the subject of points, and at the risk of belaboring mine, this stuff doesn’t interest me.  Beyond a certain point it doesn’t interest me to the degree that I would rather find another outlet with a lower signal to noise ratio. While I understand the motivations to be defensive, I believe this cat fight has crossed the line between jabs exchanged between rivals to something more annoying and less interesting.
    My opinion may represent a minority of readers, so feel free to take this with a grain of salt.  And if this puts clicks on your counters, who am I to argue with that?  I will say that irrespective of how much they totally mean it when they post mean things I don’t think there would be any negative consequences suffered as a result of ignoring any effronteries, being the bigger person and toning it down a bit, or, I dunno, confining this to emails sent between you and the staff of Jalopnik.

    Anyways, thanks for the response.  Please approve this post :)

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