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Before you read this article, go back and read the History of the Gol (Partes Um and Dois). Really, go. Now that you’ve read this icon’s history you are better prepared to opine on what lies ahead. In celebration of the model’s 30th anniversary, Volkswagen do Brasil has launched a commemorative version of the Gol. VW is calling it “Vintage”.  What is it?  Simply the most expensive Gol in history.

The Vintage can be yours for R$52,180 (US$30,694 at R$1.7=US$1). That makes it the most expensive Gol ever. Any and all changes to the car are all esthetic. What makes it different then is the special decoration from the factory. Plus, in hopes that Jack Baruth will go for it, VW throws in a Stratocaster guitar to sweeten the deal. Weirdly though you only get the guitar 30 days after buying the car.

Even the colors of this Gol are as vintage as 19th century porn: Black & white. The car it mostly white. The roof is painted black. There are black stripes at the bottom of the doors, hood and hatch. Internally, the seats are covered in black and white leather (with white stitching) as are the door panels. The instruments are lighted by exclusive LEDs. White plastic also decorates such details and door handles and gearstick. Think of it as the Gol Pierre Cardin Special with VW saving the money for Pierre Cardin, and you’ve got it.

Brazilian mag Quatro-Rodas says the special alloy rims are 16 inchers painted in white. Competing mag Auto-Esporte says the wheels are 17 inchers and are painted black. As you can see from the pictures, they are both right.

Now (you’ve read the History, right?) only 30 of these will be made and sold. At selected dealers throughout the nation. Through special order. Keep in mind that the Gol has sold more than 6 million units in its 30 year history. It’s as Brazilian as beautiful women, palm trees and caipirinha. I called a couple of dealers in my hometown and finally found one that said he would be selling the car. I told him I had a check for R$52,180 and would be willing to go to the store and make the order today. He squirmed a little and said that we’d need to talk. I said I wouldn’t increase my offer and he insisted that I go down and talk.

Unfortunately, I don’t have that cash at the moment. If I did buy the car would I be making an investment that would pay off handsomely in future? Or is Volkswagen offering fool’s gold for a king’s ransom?

Anyway, if the price wasn’t so rich I’d say kudos, VW. You made a tastefully decorated car for a model that deserves the celebration. If it weren’t so expensive.

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16 Comments on “Gol Weekend: Paint It Black (And White)...”

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    As a german, i hate you for that video…

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    LOL, 30K for a Gol. 30K gets you a nice used GTi here, a new full options Lancer/Corolla/Cruze/3 or with some more coin, a bare bones V6 car.

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      That is the crap about Brazil. You’re pretty much forced not to be a car nut because everything is so damn expensive. And the crazy part is the cost-benefit equation. Although a Ford Fusion V6 costs 99K R$ (58 K US$), or about double what a regular VW Gol costs, it’s waaay more that 2 times the car. It doesn’t come standard with noises and cluncks for a start. Also, this psint scheme is disgusting. Absolutely horrible. looks like a cheap tuning done up by a kid of the 60s that is stuck in his teenage years. Not to mention how cynical it is. I like the Gol, hate this Vintage edition.It’s all about profit, not paying homage to the car and its fans. If it were they would have done a GTi os something similar, seen how important the GTi is to Gol’s history and to Brazil’s automotive history and culture. I mean, it was the first fuel injected car sold here. AND it was a hot hatch! the Vintage is not a tribute, it’s a middle finger.
      One last note marcelo, the cars which will be sold carry the white 16″ wheels. The black 17s are on the “prototype” that VW did up for the car’s anniversary celebrations last year

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      You said it all. I wanted to give VW a chance, but you cut through the hype. If more Brazilians were like you our car scene wouldn’t be so sad.

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    bumpy ii

    “The car it mostly white. The roof is painted black.”

    That doesn’t strike me as a very good idea for a country which resides on the Equator. One hopes a larger AC compressor is part of the package.

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    Marcelo, do you think naming the car Gol has contributed much to its success given the popularity of football in Brazil?

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      It certainly didn’t hurt. They’ve had lots and lots of comeercials linking both. Lately, Robinho was a player they used to sell the Gol. It’s not the main factor, but it is a very happy coincidence from VW. All manufacturers would probably love to have the Gol moniker in its control

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    I take it the exploding windshield problem is fixed in these puppies…

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