Dodge A100 Hell Project: You Want Luxury? Here's Luxury!

Murilee Martin
by Murilee Martin
dodge a100 hell project you want luxury here s luxury

These days, we’ve got endless choices in plush, comfy trucks. Back when my 1966 Dodge A100 project van was built, the top trim level of the A100 was the Sportsman Custom, and that was one of your few luxury-truck choices at the time. Naturally, I insisted on a Sportsman Custom when I went shopping for a vintage flat-nose van. With the Sportsman Custom, you got such creature comforts as ashtrays, an AM radio, and— best of all— a steel step that popped out when you opened the side doors. The one on my van wasn’t exactly working when I bought it, but some [s]bashing with a sledgehammer[/s] careful adjustment and [s]hosing down with Liquid Wrench[/s] judicious lubrication fixed it right up!

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