Car Photograph of the Day: Valet Ballet by Phil Waters

Murilee Martin
by Murilee Martin
car photograph of the day em valet ballet em by phil waters

The Denver MCA boasts something that most museums don’t have: a 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle parked on its nose outside the building. I’ve been trying to shoot a worthwhile photograph of this fine sculpture by Gonzalo Lebrija, entitled Entre La Vida y La Muerte, but I just don’t have the boss camera skilz to do it justice. Fortunately, I know a guy who does.

The Chevelle still has the engine, transmission, interior, the works, and appears to be in pretty good condition. Was it worth removing a solid classic Detroit car from street duty in the name of art? I say it was worth it; 425,300 Chevelles were built for the 1968 model year, so it’s not exactly rare, and Lebrija’s sculpture has thousands of non-car-freaks contemplating one of Detroit’s best designs.

Top photo credit/copyright, © 2011 Phil Waters Design

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  • Bill Owen Bill Owen on Mar 15, 2011

    I am slowly building a great collection of black & white automobile photos and this is the style of photography I admire and display. Murilee, will Phil Waters sell autographed prints? I'd love to purchase one. Thanks.

    • Murilee Martin Murilee Martin on Mar 15, 2011

      Yes, he's a pro photographer so I'm sure he sells prints. Email me for his contact info.

  • Ronnie Schreiber Ronnie Schreiber on Mar 16, 2011

    this fine sculpture

    Cool idea but I'm not sure that taking a stock car and mounting it on its nose constitutes sculpting. Sorry to be a curmudgeon but there's more artistic effort and skill in one of my granddaughter's refrigerator drawings. Somehow I think there's more to art than taking something someone else made and putting it in an unusual situation. But then I'm a stuck-in-the-mud who thinks that artists should be able to do representational drawing.

  • Mike Beranek I don't care about the vehicles. But I'd be on board for inspecting the drivers.
  • Art Vandelay It is a shame, this is the perfect sort of vehicle for EBFlex and Tassos to puff each other's peters in but as it is electric, EBFlex will miss out. Sad
  • Art Vandelay Coming to a rental lot near you. And when it does know there is a good chance EBFlex and Tassos have puffed each other's peters in it!
  • Art Vandelay I doubt there is even room for EBFlex and Tassos to puff each other's peters in that POS
  • Art Vandelay The lack of side windows is a boon for EBFlex and Tassos as nobody can see them puffing each other's peters back there!