An Aventador To Remember…

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
an aventador to remember

Via come these first pictures of the Lamborghini Aventador awaiting the adoring attention of Geneva Auto Show attendees…

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  • JJ JJ on Feb 28, 2011

    A bit dissappointed by the styling and the way they changed the door hinges. On looks, I like the Miura, Countach (LP400) and Murciélago better and the Diablo a bit less, although in the end the 6.0 Diablos were finally goodlooking as well. The carbon fibre body and engine specs look great (on paper) though, although with the AWD if it's anything like the Murciélago (or Gallardo/R8) it's probably still a big understeery beast. I just hope VAG will not make Lamborghini adhear to its 'meet the new model, same as the old model' policy it has been employing for the Polo, Golf, Passat, all the Audis and recently also the Bentley Continental GT, cause it doesn't befit the Lamborghini brand.

  • Jonathan Green Jonathan Green on Feb 28, 2011


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  • Add Lightness Range Rovers have come a long, long ways from their original concept of a gentleman's Land Cruiser. Pretty useless off road now but the wannabees will love them until the warrantee expires.
  • ToolGuy 'Non-Land Rover' gets 2 bonus points for the correct use of carbon fiber in an automotive application. 🙂
  • ToolGuy "a newly developed vehicle platform it says will double driving range"• Anyone know what this is about?
  • ToolGuy "Toyota recommends that no one ride in the front passenger seat until an inspection or fix can be performed."• This is a good opportunity for the back seat driver in your life. 😉