UAW: Asian and German Automakers Abuse Human Rights

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
uaw asian and german automakers abuse human rights

Whoa! Is there a doctor in the house? We seem to have a bit of a situation here. UAW’s President Bob King threatened that the union will label anti-union companies as human-rights abusers.

“If a company makes the bad business decision to engage in anti-union activity, suppress the rights of freedom of speech and assembly, we will launch a global campaign to brand that company a human-rights violator,” King said today during a speech in Detroit, while Bloomberg was taking notes. Is King alright?

King is trying to organize the U.S. factories of Asian and German automakers. So after he labeled them as human rights abusers, what will he do then? Call the United Nations? Or how about all-out war? It has been done before.

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  • Invisible Invisible on Jan 13, 2011

    Good ole Bob King just wants to ensure that every worker has the right to smoke pot and get drunk during their lunch break.

  • Joe_thousandaire Joe_thousandaire on Jan 14, 2011

    If a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it... Kinda reminds me of when Berkley CA, or some other powerless smug-ville passes a resolution to declare G.W.B a war criminal or condemn the Israeli government. It may be possible that Bob King didn't entirely read into whatever powers he does or doesn't posses as UAW president when he was elected. Someone needs to bring him up to speed before he commands his minions to build him an army of terracotta warriors or tries to invoke the right of primae noctis.

  • Mcs Mcs on Jan 14, 2011

    King should organize the non-union Mexican auto plants. They should have no trouble getting access to the workers since they partially own the plants. Traveling to Mexico for protests wouldn't be needed since they could simply setup picket lines around the cubicles of the people managing the VEBA accounts right in their own building.

    • Mikey Mikey on Jan 14, 2011

      @ mcs..So what are you saying? The UAW as partial owner of GM and Chrysler own a piece of the Mexican plants. Fair enough...I don't follow the rest of your post. Are you saying the UAW is using undocumented workers at the VEBA office? Or maybe the UAW hired proper documented Mexican Americans to manage the VEBA?

  • Tommy Boy Tommy Boy on Jan 16, 2011

    Bob King's schtick is straight out of Orwell. He knows that the transplants adhere to U.S. law (as enacted by that right-wing hero FDR), so he has to fabricate some amorphous international "human rights" violations to make it appear that the self-aggrandizing UAW is actually motivated by "justice." Of course, he has no problem with "card check" and "neutrality agreements" in which workers are corralled into union dues paying serfdom via a deliberate denial of secret ballots and/or informed consent (via only hearing the union's sales pitch), and if that doesn't work intimidation and fraud. Neither have we seen him support unions having to periodically face reelection via secret ballot elections. Neither would we see the UAW disclose to prospective members (e.g., the patriotic workers in the South) that Bob King (like SEIU) is tied-in with radical far-Left / anti-American agenda, and supports far-Left candidates, and that this is what their dues would be supporting. Follow the money, the UAW is a quasi-Marxist organization seeking to aid the "progressive" Obama and his ilk in their "fundamental transformation of the United States of America."