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The new 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK could give you reason to keep its trick roof up at all times, especially if you wrinkle your nose at diesel smell. Yes, the Daimler’s new roadster will be available with an oil burning option.

Automobilwoche [sub] brings us the blasphemous news that apart from three gasoline Motoren, the new Mercedes SLK will also be available with a diesel engine. That sacrilegious possibility had kept Daimler devotees up all night for years, now it becomes reality.

Mercedes-authority Car Trade India says it will be a “2.1L, 204bhp diesel engine.” In the meantime, Allcarselectric complains that Mercedes is “ignoring electric cars in its 125 Birthday Exhibition.” Can’t please them all.

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12 Comments on “Slick Mercedes SLK Available With Oil Burner...”

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    That seems like an odd choice of cars to add a diesel option.  What would be the possible thinking in doing so?

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      Cause the Europeans love them diesels. CLK, 3series and the A4/A5, even the TT, are already offered with a diesel option and are selling well. So the roadster is the next step!
      Even though the 250CDI should offer good performance, I would prefer a 6 cylinder to further tone down the noise.

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      The hardtop convertibles tend to be quite heavy so that twin turbo diesel with enormous torque makes a lot of sense.
      Besides, all euro cars except super cars come with a diesel option, I am surprised this one did not.

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      In some countries in Europe, mostly due to government intervention, diesel has been the cheaper option compared to the counterpart gasoline car for people who drive as little as 15K miles a year with said car. In Austria for instance, at one point more than 50% of all cars sold were diesels.

      It’s possible some very serious business(wo)men would buy an SLK as their only car and drive it every day to work, in which case diesel would pretty soon become the more economical option. Coupled with the technological advances in diesel technology that made those engines a whole lot more quiet and powerful, some people actually prefer them because of their waftable torque and bigger range, but mostly it is the cost argument I’m sure. Generally speaking, space is more scarce, fuel is more expensive and owning a car is taxed quite heavily in most European countries, therefore people are more likely to own less cars and more economical cars, hence diesel convertibles have been available here for 10+ years.

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      It is not government intervention but car makers lobbying. Some European car makers are really good at making diesels.

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    Do they want us to not like diesels again?

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    I think you missed the more interesting aspect of this story:
    “2.1L, 204bhp diesel engine”
    Wouldn’t that be among the highest specific power outputs of production diesel engines?  That’s right up there with the better gasoline engines.  Diesels typically have a much lower specific power output due to engine speed limitations.  This one is either one high-speed diesel, or the mid/high-rpm torque output is truly prodigious.

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      500Nm ( 368.73 lb/ft)  at 1,600rpm. Compare that to 389 lb/ft @4250rpm of 5.7 Chrysler hemi V8.

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      Uncle Mellow

      The BMW 123D Coupe gets 200+BHP from its 2.0 litre turbo-diesel engine.
      A large proportion of BMW 6-Series Coupes are diesel powered – Jaguar are thought to be losing a lot of XK sales because the diesel version is not yet available.

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    Will the diesel be coming stateside?

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    Audi offers a diesel option for the TT, too. Peugeot with their RCZ as well. It’s BMW that sticks to the gasoline engine only with their Z4.

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    IMO, nothing dates an American car guy than an irrational hardon against performance car diesels.  That’s including all the Top Gear presenters.
    Tell you old folks what, I’ll get off yer lawn if you join the 21st century.  :P

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