Guangzhou Puts Government Cars On The Leash

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
guangzhou puts government cars on the leash

The privileged life of the Chinese government employee is coming to an end. The southern metropolis of Guangzhou (formerly known as Canton) will be using GPS to track usage of the city’s government vehicles, with the aim of preventing their unauthorized personal use. It’s not that the city is trying to curb unnecessary spending.

The city is reacting to public pressure. Guangzhou’s citizenry often blames the city’s traffic jams on government employees, driving around needlessly in government-issued cars. Su Zhijia, deputy secretary of the city’s party committee, said that public anger over the private use of government vehicles and other related problems has been ignored for many years, and that these issues have damaged the government’s relationship with the people. According to Gasgoo, “he stated that the government will use 2011 to resolve these problems and prevent their reoccurrence.”

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  • MrWhopee MrWhopee on Jan 26, 2011

    Should be instituted by the U.S. government as well, it seems, as non-governmental usage of expensive, government provided vehicles (Escalades and such) by family members of government officials (mayors, governors, councilmen, you name it) seem to be rampant.

  • AGD AGD on Jan 26, 2011
    Offtopic : I opened two articles in new tabs. This one said : Logged in as Peter Aiello. Log out The second one did not showed me as logged in. I have seen other people report the same problem, this is the second time it happens to me.

  • GS650G GS650G on Jan 26, 2011

    Yeah, no other use for this technology. made in China, tested in China, coming soon to a DMV near you