Great Little Car Now Great Little Source of Scrap Steel

Murilee Martin
by Murilee Martin
great little car now great little source of scrap steel

Not many folks remember Mazda’s Chevette competitor, the rear-drive Mazda GLC. OK, it was more of a Toyota Starlet competitor, but there’s a certain Chevette-ness about its lines. I spotted this super-rare machine at a Denver self-service wrecking yard yesterday.

A Great Little Car! We have to wonder what marketing genius came up with that name for the Mazda Familia.

More shots for my collection of Little Trees In Junked Cars photographs!

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  • VanillaDude VanillaDude on Jan 19, 2011

    This was Mazda's Hail Mary. It was Mazda's 1958 Rambler American. Faced with collapsing sales, Mazda sent to the US a car that was an anti-Mazda at that time. The GLC had nothing distinguishing to recommend it over the better Honda Civic, VW Rabbit, Ford Fiesta, and Omni/Horizon. But the GLC didn't have to be perfect. It had to be cheap and dependable. Mazda didn't have time or ability to spend millions to launch a new US model at this time. The GLC let Mazda dealers show buyers something other than a Wankel and buy time. Like the Rambler American's good timing, the Mazda GLC arrived in time to catch a break with the Carter Recession, exploding gas prices, high inflation rates, high bank loans and sold enough to pay the bills to keep the brand alive. The GLC is easily forgotten. The new 323 arrived with an outstanding design, excellence in engineering and front wheel drive. By 1982, the GLC was forgotten. It did it's job, and did it well, but it was a Hail Mary pass that while caught, didn't win the game. The GLC tied the score to keep Mazda in the game. It was better than a Chevette, because, well, nearly everything was better than a Chevette.

  • Vantucky cajun Vantucky cajun on Jan 20, 2011

    This was my first car. A 1978 Sport model in this very color. The 78's still had the round headlights. The sport trim package added a tach & orange (!) striping. It was not faster than the base model. Of course, being in High School at the time, holes were hacked in the back seat walls & 6x9 speakers installed.

  • JMII What I don't get about this video is how did the tire get under the Soul? Its not like those things have massive ground clearance. I assume a tire would have smacked into the bumper and went flying in some other direction. This interaction seems to break the laws of physics... the car should have won this encounter not the tire 😱
  • SCE to AUX Looks like a good buy, but I'm not into alterations.
  • Ajla I'm smart enough to see the popularity of CUVs.What I'm not smart enough to understand is how selling 20000 sedans in small markets is superior to selling 20000 sedans in a larger market.
  • SCE to AUX Ford's drug of choice is the F-Series; they don't need no stinking sedans.
  • Kendahl We've been very satisfied with out Focus SE hatchback. (It has the 5-speed manual transmission, not the dual clutch automatic that never worked right.) We'd buy another Focus, this time an ST since we moved from 1,000 feet altitude to 6,000 feet, but Ford no longer makes cars except for the Mustang. Ford has lost us as customers. They don't make anything we want.