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If you are the proud owner of a Porsche 997, which can slurp as much as 1.6 quarts of oil every 622 miles, you may be asking yourself “what do you mean am I ready?” But Porsche isn’t talking about upping the tolerated oil consumption numbers for its gas-powered flat-six engine… it’s considering adding a diesel engine to its US lineup, starting with an oil-burning version of its Panamera sports sedan and Cayenne SUV. With diesel versions of both of its two largest vehicles planned to debut at the Geneva Auto Show, Porsche’s Bernhard Maier tells Automotive News Europe [sub] that

We are discussing internally if we should introduce the Cayenne diesel in the U.S. this year. Also a Panamera diesel is an option.

Porsche has offered a 240 HP diesel version of its Cayenne in Europe since 2009, which gets over 30 MPG combined on the European test-cycle (non-EPA). And with 63 percent of Porsche’s sales last year coming from either the Cayenne or the Panamera last year, the firm is looking to those two nameplates for volume growth until its new products (like the next-gen 911 and a forthcoming “baby boxster”) hit dealerships. Offering diesels in the US may not create a huge surge in demand for Porsche’s most popular products, but it won’t hurt efforts to broaden their appeal.

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12 Comments on “Are You Ready For An Oil-Burning Porsche?...”

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    Damn you CAFE standards.

    Dark days are coming.  Not as bad as the malaise era post oil embargo catalytic converters were a new thing neutered engines with zero power days.  But this awesome horsepower war that is going on that has made 400 HP, “so what,” and 500 HP the new threshold of awesome is going to be coming to an end.  One way or another.

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    Link, please, for the 997 oil consumption statement? (I have a personal interest).

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      Numerous references to high oil consumption from PCA.  Here’s one:

      Oil Consumption
      997 | Engine

      Model: 911 Carrera S, Year:2009, Mileage:9235, Type of use:Street use only
      Should I be concerned about my oil consumption? For the last approximately 4000 miles I have kept meticulous records of oil consumption. I average 675 miles per quart. My tail pipes are black and maybe a little sooty. The dealer tells me it is normal and my owner’s manual states it is within tolerance: “…up to 1 quart per 622 miles”. Have you received any input from Porsche on this issue? If yes, what was it? What causes this engine to be so different from my previous 2007 911 S that did not use any oil? I have visions of long term problems down the road. I hope I’m just paranoid. Thank you, Steve Peth

      6/21/2010 4:22:21 PM
      How hard do you drive your car? The 997’s have some really hard rings and we have found that you really need to drive the heck out of it to get the rings to seat. Go thru the gears when getting on the freeway and see what happens….

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      Thanks, Darkhorse. Mine is an ’07 with 25K miles and I’ve never had to add oil between the (2) oil changes.

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        I know this is an old post, but class action lawsuit is currently seeking people for this investigation: Porsche Panamera for excessive oil consumption:

        This seems to be an ongoing problem with us Porsche owners. Love the car, but didn’t realize I would have to check the oil daily. Wanted to post this link to help those that like me had to spend some money before I realized it was a defect and not me.

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    Frankly it’s just an expensive SUV so what does it really matter.  Besides I never understood the need for a 500hp family hauler.   

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    Yes, I’ve seen an oli burning Porsche or two, but it didn’t have anything to do with what was in the tank.

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    Left hand / Right hand

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    Carlson Fan

    Lots of people in the US would love to have an economical diesel in a light truck(1/2 ton) that offers utility and reliability. Unfortunately the Porsche Cayenne falls short on both counts.  

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    Porsche has ALREADY trampled upon just about every link it has to it’s lightweight, sportscar only founding heritage… so what’s one more slice off the loaf?

    Bring the oil-burners here, I say. EVERY elepahantine jumbo-SUV should offer either hybrid and/or clean diesel technology available to make minor amends for its corpulence. Might as well add a diesel Panamera as well.

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    I might if it drives like 335d.

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    Le Mans Prototypes.
    Naturally aspirated diesels, before the turbo lag crowd starts.

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