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What’s better than a Bentley 8-litre? A Bentley 8-litre with a 42 liter Packard V12 from a World War II-era torpedo boat, of course. [via The Telegraph]

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11 Comments on “Packard-Engined Bentley. What More Is There To Say?...”

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    There’s no replacement for displacement.

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    The PT boats were the hot rods on the water during WWII, just as the P-51 Mustangs were the hot rods of the air. The Sherman tank? Well, not so much, but they were improved steadily, being remarkably reliable through almost 50,000 built. Just as “Uncle” Joe Stalin roughly said: “Quality over quantity has its value, but quantity has a quality all its own”. T-34’s fit in there, somewhere.

    Yes, the USA worked very well for too short a time.

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      Actually the T34 was a double win, better than many of the German tanks, to the point where the Panther was effectively a copy of the T34, and produced in numbers rivaling the Sherman.
      As a related note a lot of “Merlin” powered specials actually the use the slightly milder Meteor tank engine which is normally aspirated and slightly lower compression.

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    Absolutely nuts. This is only slightly less silly than Tractor Pullin’.

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    Packard built the Merlin under license from Rolls Royce, didn’t they?

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      Yes. And apparently made some improvements on it as well. Ford was approached to build them, but Henry only wanted to build them for the U.S., not Britain.

      Did anyone notice that the guy with the derby looks like Alex from A Clockwork Orange?

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    Somebody call Jay Leno. There’s another car he needs to buy…

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    Ahhh, the irritating Top Gear excessive-closeup-with-pan just can’t go away soon enough for me.
    Awesome car, though.

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    I believe the PT boats had three of these motors! This is a machine one wants to drive through a tunnel just to enjoy the exhaust sound.

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      Educator(of teachers)Dan

      In the “McHale’s Navy” film McHale (Tom Arnold) references needing performance parts for a Packard V12.  (It was 1997, I was in college and I always wondered if I was the only one in the theater who thought; “Packard V12?  F*&#ing AWESOME!”)

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    I read something similar more than 30 years ago. My questionable memory claims it was a Rolls Royce rather than a Bentley and that the engine was a Merlin. (It could have been a  Merlin built by Packard for the Mustang.) Until now, I thought the story was just a myth.
    According to the story I read, the manufacturer (Bentley or Rolls) began to receive letters requesting that the author be placed on the waiting list for the model that easily outran Ferraris. The letters contained checks with the amounts left blank. The manufacturer returned each check, explaining that no such model existed or was planned.
    At the next big British auto show, an owner approached their display with the request that they look at his car. He said it had a modification that might be of interest to them. Given the price of those things, they were willing to humor him. When he opened the hood, they realized what had prompted the letters. His modification was to install a Merlin aircraft engine.

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