Charts Of The Day: The Top Six Models Of The Top Six Segments Of 2010

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
charts of the day the top six models of the top six segments of 2010

We’ve been slacking a bit on our sales analysis over the last few months, but with the end of the year rapidly approaching we’re getting ready to look back at a year of sales, statistics and trends. To catch you up on the evolving US market sales picture, we now present the top six sellers in each of the six most important segments. Midsized and compact sedans, midsized and compact crossovers, pickups and “luxury low” (better known as “3 Series Fighters”) are all represented with today’s wide but shallow snapshot of car sales in 2010. Will the Sonata pass Malibu this year? Having beaten the Toyota Highlander, will Subaru’s Outback take down the Honda Pilot? Will the CR-V hold off the Escape? Best And Brightest, this is your cue to start prepping those year-end sales analysis talking points…

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  • View2share View2share on Dec 16, 2010

    Why does the Mazda3 sell well, but not the Mazda6? Why do people buy the Corolla now with that EPS steering of questionable driving pleasure when they could get the Civic or better yet the Mazda3 and enjoy the drive??? Any opinions on the newer VW with i5 engines -- reliable now??? Do the VW Golfs all use EPS steering?

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    • SherbornSean SherbornSean on Dec 16, 2010

      Mazda6 sales are low for 3 reasons: - a terrible dealer network relative to rivals - consumer concerns about rust and resale value - focus on being the sporty entry in a segment that doesn't really value sportiness. Buyers of midsize sedans are family and value oriented, and risk averse. That means Honda, Toyota, and increasingly Hyundai.

  • Sean Aron Sean Aron on Dec 16, 2010

    The American public is blinded by brand loyalty. How else can you explain how a truly awful car like the Camry is top seller in the segment when much better offerings languish in 4th and 5th?

    • Roundel Roundel on Dec 16, 2010

      Agree 100% It really is a "perception gap" so to speak. As much as you hear that consumers are savvy shoppers who do their homework, there are lots of them that will just be lazy and repurchase what they have for the past 20 years. Toyota and Honda do quite well with brand loyalty, and that alone.

  • Prabirmehta Great review! Brought back memories of my 2005 Z4 - loved it! I recently drove the 2023 Z4 and it felt similar in many ways to my 2005 (despite the much nicer and updated interior). Now your review has me rethinking whether to buy another one? :)
  • Haruhi Where’s this exact location
  • ToolGuy This is a good approach and a nice writeup, but it shows Tim Healey as the author. Who wrote it?
  • FreedMike Race car drivers are all alpha-types. Aggression is part of the deal. I think you see more of that stuff in NASCAR because crashes - the end result of said aggression - are far more survivable than they would be in F1 or IndyCar.
  • Analoggrotto Only allow Tesla drivers to race, we are the epitome of class and brilliance.