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Automobilwoche [sub] has it on good authority (Mini chief Wolfgang Armbrecht) that BMW plans a minier than Mini car. They want to show a prototype at the Detroit Auto Show next year. They probably can bring it as carry-on.

Armbrecht calls it “the next spectacular idea out of the house of Mini” (Legoland?) Not much more is known. Except that it will be much smaller than the current Mini. So what will it be called? Maybe the video will inspire you.

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21 Comments on “BMW Wants To Shrink It’s Mini. What Will They Call It?...”

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    Auto Express broke this story several months ago and have an inside photo of the car they dubbed the Mini Minor….

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    They can call it the NE’RE (New Economic Reality), sold under the slogan, “Smaller, cheaper cars for poorer societies!”

    That would be us, budding consumers of the Ford Fiesta and its ilk.

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    Brilliant news, MINI to make an actual small car? ’bout time too!
    Maybe they could just call it mini (all lower case)
    Whatever it’s call it would be fun to see something actually in the mould of the original, like the spiritual successor proposal Rover pitched before BMW took over resurrecting the brand?

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    I hope it’s about the size of the original Mini, there aren’t too many cars in that size range nowadays.

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    Oh, wait…

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    I would call it “the Infinitesimal” or “the Angstrom”

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    I vote for the Nano, or Micro or…
    Jacket, a car you can put on! ;-P
    Well actually BMW’s Mini is larger than the original Cooper, if they reduce it it may get back to its origin.

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    I’d place my bet on TINI.

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    How about just Micro Mini? Sounds sexy too!

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    Mini Mook
    It simultaneously evokes a quirky older runabout, while also acknowledging most of BMW’s target market.

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    Road Kill is what they may call it in California.  I am sorry, but the Mini is small enough.  My Miata is larger than a Mini, and let me tell ya the competition with trucks and SUVs here is something else.  Small is fun, but there will come a day when the smallest sports car I own with be same Mustang or Genesis Coupe sized.  You do realize that trucks are once again the #1 selling vehicle.

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      Fear not. Given enough time they’ll eventually grow it to the size and weight of a 3 series.

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      Long ago, I had an Austin Healey bugeye Sprite. It was a foot shorter and narrower than the BMW Mini and a lot lower. The guy I bought it from had installed air horns. They surprised the hell of of more than one driver of a full size car or truck who started to change lanes on top of me. I thought about putting some on my Infiniti G37, which is hardly a small car, after a guy in one ton pickup, hauling a trailer full of lawn mowers, tried to do the same.

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    Why not call it the MINI, and just rename the larger car alongside a simultaneous mid-cycle refresh? If the name doesn’t matter in the face of model bloat, why can’t the opposite hold?

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      They should just call the new, smallest model “MINI” and leave off the “Cooper” or model part of it. If your brand image is “Small is cool” then your brand mojo for all your models should be distilled from your smallest model.

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    Well what else are they going to do with the brand? They have already made the Clubman (bigger) and the Countryman (even bigger) SUV mess, so why not go smaller? On a list of dead brands walking Mini gets my #1 vote. Its as silly as Hummer… logic says you can’t have a dealership or brand based on a single vehicle at some point they’ll run out of version of the same theme. Now, where is my Mini pickup?

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    It’s been done before >

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    Robert Schwartz

    The MINI is a pretty small car. It is larger than the original mini which was only ten feet long and less than 5 feet high or wide. But, it is very much in the B segment or subcompact range. The king of that segment in the US is the Honda Fit:
    Length 156.9′
    Width  66.7′
    Height 60.0′
    Here is the MINI:
    Length 145.6′
    Width  66.3′
    Height 55.4′
    A Kei Car in Japan is an official segment that is smaller than the Fit or the Mini. By law they cannot be more than 134 in long or 58 in wide. They are limited to a 66o ml engine that cannot be more than 63 hp. Most Japanese OEMs have entries in that segment, but very few have ever been imported. The Smart is also less than subcompact in size, but it has not been a roaring commercial success.
    A MINI in the A segment makes sense, but only for Asia and Europe. I doubt that you will see them here.

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    Matthew Sullivan

    I know some people in the advertising world,  and this is what I’m hearing the tagline in their ad campaign for the new MINIer will be:
    “It’s like, how much more mini could this be? And the answer is ‘none’. None more mini.”

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