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Arthur Ross started in 1935 as a „Creative Designer” at GM. He did Cadillacs and Buicks. He had a hand in drawing the lines of some famous cars of those times, the Cadillac Sixty Special, LaSalle, Fleetwood, and the Buick Y-Job, GM’s first concept car. He also was a pervert.

Now don’t get me wrong. Where I come from, “pervert” is a honorific, and I have been to certain parties where the host proudly walked around with a red sash, inscribed “Hentai-ou.” Which is Japanese for something like “King of the perverts.” All in attendance bowed to him. It’s a Japanese thing.  I’m familiar with harder core environments also.  I worked for Volkswagen during a certain period.  (“Bertel, how many girlfriends do you have?” “Two.” “Sorry, you don’t qualify for a board seat. Get some more.”) But let’s get back to Art Ross.

During the war, Ross was assigned to GM’s Camouflage and War Services Section. War over, he became Chief Designer of Cadillac, then Oldsmobile. Those were the golden years of American car design, and in fourteen years as Chief Designer, Ross literally changed the shape of the industry. In 1958, Ross left GM and started his own design house, Arthur Ross Associates. Remember the Parker Pen? A Ross design. Arthur Ross died in Chicago in 1981.

His estate contained a large body of art Ross had drawn, painted, airbrushed, and magic markered in his free time (and possibly during boring conferences.) It came in two genres.

His traditional art, including portraits, surrealistic paintings, and a treasure of car designs can be found at The Art Of Art

His, how shall I say this, more eclectic art is found at Erotica By Art Ross. Now let me warn you that this is not for the faint of heart. I had to do hours of painstaking research, sifting through his complete body of naked bodies, engaged in various activities, before I found one (and only one) image that is barely SFW. This is Thanksgiving weekend, you are not supposed to be working. You are safe unless your wife has installed snitching software on your home PC. In that case, she already knows about your activities. But once you click on Erotica By Art Ross, you see stuff your mother didn’t dare to warn you about. You have been warned now. I don’t want to hear any complaints.

Ross’s work reflects his fantasies of statuesque blondes, with the occasional BBW thrown in. His most prolific and most pornographic period was during the WW II time – designing new camouflage patterns obviously wasn’t challenging enough to keep his wandering mind focused.

So now we know it: Your father’s Oldsmobile was designed by a dirty young man.

(Side story: I wouldn’t have known, would I not have received mail from our in-house connoisseur of fine Detroitophilia, from our buff-book buff, Mr. Ronnie Schreiber. Strangely, he shied away from writing the piece himself, saying “I figured that it was suitable for B&B (Bertel & Baruth). I’ve only looked at just the home page, so I disclaim any blame if you find something offensive, or not offensive enough.” Sure, Ronnie. I just loved those erudite Playboy interviews.

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28 Comments on “New Research Reveals: Your Father’s Oldsmobile Was Designed By A Sex-Obsessed Pervert...”

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    Wow! What art…his paintings are terrific; I’d like to know more about him.  He was obviously
    influenced by the surrealistic movement, this guy could give artists like Salvador Dali a run
    for his money.  Great art!

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    Good Lord!  I only looked a the first picture and it came back to my mind:  No interview could be more entertaining than the one below with its 1) the whispered answer, and 2) the final comment on the tape: 

    Maybe Ernie had an Art Ross collection of his own?  ;7) O =8

    As for my father’s Oldsmobile … my dad’s first post-WWII new car was a Chevy somewhere in the early 50’s, by the time he was dating my mom (mid-50’s) he had a salmon two tone Buick Century (he refered to it as his “shrimp boat”), but after getting married, became exclusively an Oldsmobile man thru most of the 1960’s the last two, a 1966 Vista Cruiser and a 1966 88 sedan, and then a long stretch (Country Squire, and 3-B-body Chevys, 2 more Fords) until a final 1976 Cutlass Supreme (Collonade Series, the one with a submarine-like profile and deep curvy extensions from the wheelhousings into the doors, like the curves from the days of running boards, only inverted) for my mom, then away to mostly Ford, never to  buy another Olds…

    I remember, one of his license plates 514 NDD (this one on a Buick) and I asked him how he remembered the number, and he said “514 is the date your mother and I married, and NDD is Naked Dancer Delight … )

    In summary, thanks Bertel for the info, thanks for blowing the NDD-door wide-open, this adds another interesting dimension to the memory of my dad … ;O) 

    (now back to see the rest of what is on that web-site!!)

    edit: Amazing site detailling the nexus between erotic and industrial art … don’t forget to read the notes (esp on the Rosie the Riviter piece … )

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    He must have loved “dagmars.”
    I knew there was always something about those Oldsmobiles.

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      I tought you would do a cross reference from  A christmas story with oldsmobile and that leg tree…(one of his drawing)…look it up in his paintings

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      Educator(of teachers)Dan

      Too obvious, but think about the scene where Ralphie’s “Old Man” is soooooooooooo happy to recieve the can of simonize.  Makese sense now doesn’t it? 

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    Einstein and Ghandi were both perverts, too.
    And so is Bill Clinton, if you count guys who could ever date a girl who wore pants-suits.

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    Dr Lemming

    He has an interesting sense of humor.

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    Ross’s WWII period seems to me a struggle(?) to come to terms with a new femininity where women work the factories and make use of masculine tools.

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      Ah, you’ve seen his take on “Rosy the Riveter” too? To bad we can’t show it in a family oriented blog.

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      Yes, Rosie’s pneumatically-actuated dong may count as among the most masculine of sex toys… and I bet, if Ol’ Norman R. had seen this version of Rosie, his pipe would have dropped from his slack jaw!  (Just imagine it with the actual Rosie quote emblazoned above “We Can Do IT!”…)

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    He is probably not related to Bob Ross….

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    We obviously need more car designers these days with a good feel for breasts and buttocks.

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    “The truth is, as every one knows, that the great artists of the world are never Puritans, and seldom even ordinarily respectable. No virtuous man — that is, virtuous in the Y.M.C.A. sense — has ever painted a picture worth looking at, or written a symphony worth hearing, or a book worth reading, and it is highly improbable that the thing has ever been done by a virtuous woman.”
    — H. L. Mencken

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    Side story: I wouldn’t have known, would I not have received mail from our in-house connoisseur of fine Detroitophilia, from our buff-book buff, Mr. Ronnie Schreiber. Strangely, he shied away from writing the piece himself, saying “I figured that it was suitable for B&B (Bertel & Baruth). I’ve only looked at just the home page, so I disclaim any blame if you find something offensive, or not offensive enough.” Sure, Ronnie. I just loved those erudite Playboy interviews.
    The story gets better. was set up, along with The Art of Art Ross, by Mr. Ross’ son, as a tribute to his father’s legacy. You can buy reproductions of all of the works at both sites.
    I shied away from this particular topic for two reasons. I live in the heart of Detroit’s orthodox Jewish community and sometimes, when friends ask what I’ve been up to, I’ll tell them about my writing and will tell them about this site. I don’t need the tzorus if they happen to see me writing on a NFSW topic. My mouth and opinions make me enough of a pariah. It’s nice to get invited for Shabbas meals.
    The other reason is that I try to defer to my colleagues with more expertise on a particular subject. From the results, I think that deference to Bertel was well placed.
    FWIW, Harley Earl hired Jews, Asians, Latinos, women and openly gay men (there’s an interesting essay at the UofMichDearborn web site on the conflicts between the aesthetes and the engineers, Pretty Boys and Tough Guys, though like the rest of that site on the automobile and American culture it’s pretty politically correct). Bill Mitchell, who didn’t hide his prejudices well, had problems with a lot that Earl did.

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      “I don’t need the tzorus if they happen to see me writing on a NFSW topic.” Oh, please spare me.    I live not too far from Rockland County, NY, which is infested with Hasidim….some of the biggest hypocrites I’ve ever seen.

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    If the cars designed by his pen came from a mind that produced these paintings, sketches, and prints, clearly Toyota Corolla designers have never, EVER been laid in their lives, or seen the opposite sex naked.

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      Educator(of teachers)Dan

      Common we all know a Camry owners idea of a thrill is having to turn the wheel to deviate from a straight line. 

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      Come on! The guy who designed the Corolla has sex; boring, long time married missionairy style sex….think about a cross with humping and being stuck and traffic kinda sex…

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      You know, it’s always the quiet, demure ones that really lash out in private, and the lifestyle-compensator-owners who are flipping on the reading light over the copy of “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” while their partner snores beside them.

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    Beethoven was a fart sniffer, and Napoleon desired the (long) unwashed crotch of Josephine.
    Since the beginning of recorded history,  the gifted have always been a little  ‘un-pc’ vis-a-vis their sexual proclivities.
    While the Puritan streak of the US may frown upon those facts, the reality is that the historical record is what it is.

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    also Tom

    @porschespeed: I can’t speak for ajila but I’m thinking either he was joking or he intends that it kind of sullies the memory and work of a great composer to bring out that trivial and weird aspect of him. Just speculatin’…….

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