MI State Police: Caprice Cruiser Creams Competition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
mi state police caprice cruiser creams competition

Chevrolet’s new Australian-built Caprice PPV killed the field at the Michigan State Police trials for 2011 models, winning 0-60, 0-100 and top-speed comparisons, the braking competition and turning in the fastest average lap time. Dodge’s Charger nipped at the Caprice’s heels, but the day belonged to Holden. As predicted [unofficial results including Ford’s Taurus-based cruiser available at Jalopnik].

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  • BklynPete BklynPete on Oct 10, 2010

    This post is getting ridiculous. PDs will buy the Charger 3.5 V-6 to replace the Crown Vics. It'll be the cheapest, and Fiatsler will be very happy to write up those sales. Without retail sales. the Caprice is a stupid idea and I don't know why GM goes to the trouble to Federalize. Taurus is too complex and expensive to compete with Charger. Ford is almost as stupid as GM. At least they have retail. Back when I was taking college criminal justice courses, the Erie County Sheriff was our guest lecturer. He said his deputies were angry when he took away their Mustangs and Camaros and gave 'em Diplomats and Crown Vics. They said, "how are we supposed to catch the bad guys?" His response? "Use your radios, you dummies." The most sensible thing I've read here is "you can’t outrun the Motorola.”

  • Lorenzo Lorenzo on Oct 10, 2010

    @AJ, low end gearing and engine torque will peel any of those cars out from behinf the billboard quickly. ;-) I'm guessing it'll be the Charger burning rubber, because that gunsight grille is the most intimidating, the hemi reputation will add to it (whether the car is equipped with one or not), and Chrysler needs the sales volume and will offer the lowest price.

  • Inside Looking Out The next 4Runner will be BEV.
  • The Oracle This is a proper Italian red sauce turd.
  • Carson D This isn't a notice of a wait time for 4Runner fans. This is a deadline for the opportunity to buy one new before they're gone. Whatever comes next, there is no possible way that it will be as good at doing 4Runner things as what is available today.
  • Bkojote There's a lot "just right" with the current 4Runner, and having spent time in more contemporary equivalents for road trips, I completely understand why they sell a ton of these.Here's some topics that aren't super common among 4runner owners - excessive carbon buildup in the engine after 40,000 miles (Audi/VW), bent valves (Bronco) , failed oil coolers (Jeep), cracked engine blocks (Jeep), dead vehicles from OTA updates (Chevy Colorado), being stranded due to opening the door too many times (Defender), malfunctioning engine sensors (Defender, VW), dead batteries due to electrical system malfunctions (Jeep), unusable defoggers (Jeep), waiting for seat heaters to boot up (Subaru), randomly catching fire (Kia/Hyundai), crappy build quality (Ford, Tesla).The interior feels solid and rattle free, and everything feels substantial in the way a Jeep Grand Cherokee or Kia Telluride does not. 14 year run means accessories are plentiful and well sorted. The control inputs from the radio to heated seats to climate control work better than 99% of the cars you can buy new at this point and are dead simple and ergonomically satisfying. Even dynamically (I drove a model with the KDSS system to be fair) it is a surprisingly composed vehicle on mountain roads- it's far more civilized than a Bronco or Wrangler, and hell, it was far more pleasant than the past two peastant-grade Benz crapmobiles I've been in.So I get it- car journalist rags whine about how overly complicated and tech-heavy modern vehicles are while their substance is cost cut, but here's the literal definition of 'don't fix it if it aint broken.' . It's a trusty Ford Econoline in a world of craptastic Ram ProMasters.
  • Frank Sounds like they dont want to debut it at the same time as the new Land Cruiser, which is probably smart. The new 'runner is ready to go I am told, so there's a reason for this delay.