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The first 9/10ths of this strange Nissan Juke spot is the typical youth-oriented car commercial: much sound and hipness, signifying nothing. Which is probably why the unexpected ending makes such an impression. Say what you want about Nissan’s decisions regarding the Juke’s styling and marketing, nobody can accuse the brand of living in the past.

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30 Comments on “Nissan Juke: The Car For… Cross-Dressers?...”

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    Why is this a car commercial? I guess one needs to be a “hipster” to drive such an automobile.

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      also Tom

      No disrespect intended, but if you are comfortably using the term “hipster”,  the Juke probably isn’t being aimed at you anyway. Nissan needs to kick some serious butt at their ad agency for making the car an accessory to the ad spot, and also for making it obvious that the Juke looks a lot better at night than it does in daylight. I dated many women with the same characteristic. I should know.

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      I’m a 22 year old male. I think the Juke is intended EXACTLY for me. Maybe it’s because I don’t wear tight blue jeans and thick-rimmed glasses. In any case, I’m all for showing the car in the city. That’s better than showing it attempting to climb a pebble or something. My problem with the spot is that it doesn’t show the car enough! I don’t want to see all that other garbage that has nothing to do with a Nissan Juke.

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    Which is probably why the unexpected ending makes such an impression

    The impression I got was that this ad is about 1:40 too long.  It’s not so much an ad for the product as it’s an exercise in advertising self-gratification with, ahem, no money shot at the end.

    Ok, a transvestite and lots of lights.  So what?

    nobody can accuse the brand of living in the past.

    Actually, you can.  This is exactly the kind of content-free advertising that GM does.

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    Obviously not targeted to a mid 40’s, neo-conservative wasp like myself.

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    I don’t get it.  Is the Juke the anti EV since it makes lights turn on?

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      Haha!  I was wondering that myself!  My first thought was, “there isn’t a city grid on the planet thats going to be able to handle even 1/4 of a demographic piloting these around!”  Urban underemployment is going to skyrocket once all those jewel thieves start looking for new work too.

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    “You can feel it, it’s electric boogie oogie woogie woogie.”  – ‘cept it’s not.
    Here’s a question.  Where does Nissan and their ad agency go with this?  Does the guy at the end become a reocurring character?  Does RuPaul wrangle an endorsement deal?

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    Scary! More like the Nissan Joke.

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    “This is Nissan’s brain . . .
    . . .
    . . .
    . . . this is Nissan’s brain on drugs.”

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    The Jukes been selling like hot cakes in Japan/Europe. The performance with the new DIG-T engine and technology this car can come equiped with are pretty incredible for the price. While its a niche car, it will be a big hit.

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    Nice ad.  Ugly car.

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    The cross-dresser kind of looks like Lafayette from True Blood.

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    “a typical youth-oriented car commercial: much sound and hipness, signifying nothing.”

    While the ad doesn’t move me, I have to disagree that it signifies nothing. The message is clear: the Juke is different, energizing and gets everyone’s attention, and if you drive it you’ll be different, energized and get everyone’s attention. Even tho you’ll get their attention because you’re driving a goofy looking car.

    However, I do agree that the ending makes no sense whatsoever.

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    Needs more Polar Bear hugs.

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    Can I get my 2 minutes back please?

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    Silly people, everyone knows cross-dressers sale crossovers. Duh!

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    That was the most depressing car ad I’ve ever seen.  The night theme and soundtrack could be used in anti-drunk-driving ad from MADD.  Yuck.
    Just when I was willing to give the Juke a chance, in spite of its appearance.

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    GS 455

    This ad has ejaculating washing machines! Doesn’t that make you want to buy this car? Admit it guys. Come clean!

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    I used to work at a Nissan dealer back in the late 90’s-early 00’s and we had a salesman there who was this little, old-looking-beyond-his-years, asian guy.  We used to torment him constantly about saying the “Dogs love trucks” tag line from the old 90’s Nissan commercials.  T’was quite hilarious actually.
    Even that was a pretty nonsensical line, but at least the word “trucks” (the object of the TV spot) appeared in the statement.  I can’t even think of a statement to close this A.D.D. acid trip, either cohesively or non.

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    The Juke uses the Versa platform, which is shared with some Renaults. – It is on the smallish size for a CUV.   Look at the lack of front or rear overhangs past the wheels.
    Too bad it is over-stylized to stand out from the all the other vehicles in this class.

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    A proper photo of the Juke’s front snout.

    Memo to Asian design bureaus responsible for the new Hyundai Tucson, Nissan Juke and the Mazda 3:
    This type of front end treatment is like cologne or after shave lotion, a little here and there will do ya – but going overboard reeks.

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    The message is turn your life around, drive a Juke!  Not all that different actually from the
    car commercials in the 60’s that promised you could pick up the hock chicks if you drove
    their car.

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    WTF indeed. Very ugly vehicle, VERY stupid commerical… and I was once in marketing so I know “odd” can sell anything but this ad is so confusing I don’t even know where to start. Atleast they didn’t show the ugly-ness till the very end, and I’m not talking about the cross-dresser.

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    You only “get” the “J[o]uke” when it sits between a Golf and an Accord. Looks good.

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