Ask The Best And Brightest: What Car Is Worth Buying On Impulse?

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
ask the best and brightest what car is worth buying on impulse

Your faithful editor just dodged a bullet. And no, not from our owners, who might have wondered why I just took off for the better part of a weekday. Truth is, for the past several hours I’ve been trying to buy a car I don’t particularly need… but now it seems that circumstances have forced me to postpone my rash decision. At least until Saturday. And though it’s always best to consider big purchases thoroughly before pulling the trigger, this car has simply been lodged itself in my brain, screaming at me to buy it for the last several days. I like to think of myself as a fairly reasonable person, but I find myself stripped of objectivity, common sense and practicality, all of which have been replaced by slobbering, single-minded lust. In fact, I’m so unreasonably set on this acquisition that I’m not going to even say what kind of car it is, for fear of jinxing the deal (feel free to guess though… unless you’re one of the two people who actually know).

Now that you’ve had a taste of the madness that’s afflicted your loyal devotee automotive truth, I invite you to crack open a judgment-impairing beverage and let me know what car you might buy in the throes of automotive insanity. Keep in mind that this is not a lottery fantasy question… you should be able to acquire this car in real life (you just might not want to tell your spouse, children, or financial planner until it’s too late and madness has become reality). Alternatively, tell us about the impulse buy that taught you to overcome the insanity of blind automotive lust.

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  • Gessvt Gessvt on Sep 03, 2010

    Impulse buy was a 1995 Mustang GTS in Canary yellow. The GTS was basically the V6 trim level with the 5.0, T-5 and 16" wheels from the GT. Drove by the Ford lot and traded my 1995 Probe GT in about an hour. Fresh out of college and living on my own, i.e. not the brightest move, but I still miss that car. Most of my later purchases have been informed ones, but I'll stop to ponder any early Bronco with the white flares and tube bumpers, preferably with some polished aluminum Weld's and big tires. Others include Renault R5 Turbo, 1987 Grand National, Datsun 510, mid-80's LTD LX.

  • Joe_thousandaire Joe_thousandaire on Sep 03, 2010

    Its about time the owner of the internet's best car site actually became a car owner. I hope the deal goes through, even though it'll likely be a car I personally hate. I almost impulse-bought a slightly used Mustang back in '07, but fortunately they wouldn't budge on the price, so I ended up getting a much better deal on a far more family-friendly Charger. Right now as far as cars I could actually afford; the new Cherokee and Mustang 5.0 impulse-tempt me the most.

  • Mrcrispy Mrcrispy on Sep 03, 2010

    My mechanical skills are worse than Jeremy Clarkson and I don't really have the disposable income to buy a used car that doesn't need major work. Plus I've never owned 2 cars, so I've never really thought of cars as an impulse but I could make. But if I could, a nice 2 seater sports car, like the old British roadsters, a miata, or a boxter would do very nicely.

  • DearS DearS on Sep 03, 2010

    I was thinking M3s, but perhaps something more extreme is best. An Evora,