100 Best Global Brands List Is Sweet And Sour For Toyota.

Cammy Corrigan
by Cammy Corrigan
100 best global brands list is sweet and sour for toyota

Despite rising global sales and recording good profits ( Ray LaHood’s best attempts just aren’t good enough), the bad news keeps coming in for Toyota. Recently, Toyota lost a preliminary hearing that ruled they hid safety evidence (I think it’s safe to say that Dimitrios Biller is off Toyota’s Christmas card list). Now their brand has taken an official hit.

Interbrand has compiled their annual 100 best global brands list. Toyota has slipped from 8th (previous year) to 11th (this year). According to Insideline, Toyota lost 16 percent of its brand value this year. The reasons cited for this fall were (as, I’m sure, you can guess) the recalls, the court hearings, etc. But it wasn’t all bad news. You see, despite losing 16 percent of its brand value, the Toyota brand still remains the top ranking car brand in the list. Car brands as a whole have suffered a loss of respect. Close behind Toyota in 12th was Mercedes-Benz, BMW came in at 15th. Honda, also, took a bit of a pounding dropping from 18th (last year) to 20th (this year). Volkswagen jumped two spots from 55th (last year) to 53rd (this year). As with all surveys, Hyundai came out as the biggest improver, jumping 4 places from 69th to 65th.

Quite curiously, Ford, despite achieving record sales, mega profits and a good press, actually slipped one place from 49th (last year) to 50th (this year). But before the GM fan boys start crowing about Toyota’s and Ford’s slip, hold your tongues. Take a look at the full list and see if you can find Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC or Buick on it.

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  • Oboylepr Oboylepr on Sep 17, 2010

    Not surprised, none of the GM brands deserve to be on it.

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    • Charly Charly on Sep 18, 2010

      It is a global brand list so it is not totally unexpected if local strong brands like Buick and Opel aren't on the list.

  • Sinistermisterman Sinistermisterman on Sep 17, 2010

    And the only beer brands on that list are Budweiser, Corona and Heineken? Yuck! They're all horrible. What has the world come to.

    • APaGttH APaGttH on Sep 17, 2010

      Which was more of my point above. Microsoft above Apple? Hewlett-Packard above Apple? I guess this is a whos-who of which marketing department screams the loudest, but I don't exactly see a correlation of being on the list = quality. What I do see is being on the list means you have marketing bucks, yawn.

  • Beken Beken on Sep 17, 2010

    I wonder where TTAC sits in the ranking of global brands.

  • Obbop Obbop on Sep 17, 2010

    I slithered away from the article, the list and the comments well-satisfied believing the three entities involved were applicable to the theme of the site but since I do often delve into subsidiary topics in my quest for variety I suppose I am not a purist of the type I evidenced as becoming all-too-common at most mainstream printed car mags (C&D, R&T, etc) that increasingly bored me to the point I ceased reading those magazine while yearning for the written output of a past that has disappeared into the rear-view mirror of life as the sun setting upon the USA empire deepens the shadows within the dumpster of life so many of my socio-economic class are and will increasingly be seeking their vittles from. But I am merely one Disgruntled Old Coot huddled in a meager shanty surrounded by those who can afford their lawn ornaments of cars upon cement blocks and actually able to afford TWO couches... one inside and the other upon the porch. The wealthiest neighbors even have a... gasp!!!! 2nd 'fridge in the garage for their beer!!!!!! Sigh.................