By on August 3, 2010

You can watch Ed Niedermeyer here if you didn’t already watch him live. Great show, Ed!

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40 Comments on “Ed On Fox News...”

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    John Horner

    If the White House doesn’t like you, Fox is your friend. It is really that simple.

    The premise that the rescue of GM was based primarily on the promise of the Volt is simply false. An argument which starts with a faulty premise isn’t much of an argument.

    It is interesting that once Ed started saying that the second generation had a real chance of doing ok it was “time to go”.

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      No, John…that wasn’t it.

      What WAS brought home was the financial investment in this car AND company.
      That was what gave me the stomach pain.

      The second generation being successful was totally insignificant IF the money from us doesn’t get repaid WITH profit.
      Ed offered the amounts.

      It sounded like we each should get one now from the money we provided. And the trickery used in the leasing and incentives, all added together with the limited production, shows the deception.

      This was what I got.

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      John Horner

      “It is interesting that once Ed started saying that the second generation had a real chance of doing ok it was “time to go”.”

      well, otherwise he would have had to skip the niedermeyer gags.

      ed, as much as i liked your op-ed piece, i am worried that you’re being tooled by fox. what exactly did the white house say in reaction to the times piece? as much as the right wants to blame the bailouts on obama, the policy was started under bush including the bridge loans that made the gm bailout possible.

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    Steven Lang

    Congrats on offering a fact driven conversational style to the viewers. I rarely watch TV. But your face was one of the few that didn’t seem to offer the cheap shots of sensationalism and drama on network TV.

    Fox’s audience tends not to be the folks who are into a low key style of reporting. I think you did a great job. Hopefully you’ll now have a keepsake for generations.

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    There’s a funny comment by the GM supporters here who have asked this site to ‘give the Volt a break’ because you gave the ‘Prius a break’ when Toyota lost money on the Gen 1 hybrid.

    There’s an obvious answer to this.

    Whatever Toyota, a private company, does in it’s own time is up to them.

    When a publicly owned government company spins out a turkey like the Volt, it deserves all the scrutiny it gets.

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    Geeze, Ed, how cold was it in that studio? Sport-coat, sweater, and tie, I’d think this was shot in December if I didn’t know better. But hey, good job and very brave of you to be on a network that some hold in the same esteem as Al-Jazera.

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      Actually Al-Jazeera’s English language channel is far more professional, more polished and way less shrill and partisan than Fox Noise. Those who have seen it hold it at much higher esteem than Fox. Having said that, thank you Ed for singlehandedly raising the IQ level of the network.

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    Well done on the interview. I know those can be nerve wracking.

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    Great job, Ed. Boy, was that host annoying. If I had to watch five minutes of just him, I don’t think I could have done it.

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    Jeff Waingrow

    Ed, you did a great job. That Fox guy was a creep and I think somewhat representative of their kind of journalism. Whatever your politics though, how can anyone listen to that kind of stuff? I had the same reaction I get when I listen to Chris Mathews and rush to hit the mute button.

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    OMG! A 12k mile lease is as common as flies on poop! I can’t believe that this has been such a talking point. A 12k mi lease is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for the type of commuter for whom this car makes sense.

    If you’re a 30k mi/year road warrior, don’t buy a Volt. You probably won’t be happy with it. If you’re like me and drive 14 miles to work, a Volt (and a 12k lease – I drive 10k mi a year in my car) makes a lot of sense, and I wouldn’t have to buy a drop of gas for my commute.

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      A $32,500 car (subsidized) or even $350/month lease to drive 10k a year makes sense how? Even assuming ZERO fuel consumption, how many years would it take to break even over something like a Civic, or even $20k Cruze? $12k buys an apeload of fuel…

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    Domestic Hearse

    Ed, you did a great job sticking to legitimate arguments why some of the business decisions surrounding Volt aren’t so hot. But that host, man… trying to turn every point into anti-Obama propaganda. Agenda-much? What a blowhard.

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    John R

    “Our boy sure looks good on the tube…”

    -Commissioner Gordon

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    That clip was a little sad.
    I felt brain cells die watching it.
    You not supposed to feel your brain cells but I actually felt each one die.

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    Just before watching this clip, I saw a clip of Jon Stewart (discussing the Clinton-Mezvinsky wedding). That Fox host, especially in his introductory comments, was obviously a student of Jon Stewart (or perhaps Stewart’s delivery is a parody of Fox hosts’ delivery). Either way, such a delivery is absolutely off-putting if it isn’t funny. Stewart is funny. This guy, I’d have shut it off after 10 seconds if Mr. Niedermeyer weren’t about to appear.

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      Stewart’s style is a mockery/parody of the style that clownshoes Fox host was using without irony.

      I don’t watch Fox News. Ever. If Ed wasn’t on it I’d have gone this entire calendar year without seeing a single clip. Politics aside, their style is unwatchable trash. Ed’s the only good reason I might find to tune in for 2 minutes or so.

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      The funny, or horrible thing, about John Stewart is that he knows he’s entertainment and yet he’s still more credible than the people he’s parodying—on both sides of the spectrum.

      It’s happening in print media, too. There’s times when you read a story in a major daily and you really have to think about whether or not they’ve been trolled by The Onion.

      It’s disturbing that the line is so blurred that you could listen to The Daily Show and get about the same value.

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      John Stewart/Stephen Colbert is the best hour on TV.

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    Ed – a good showing under difficult circumstances. That host really turns the asshat factor to 11.

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    Uhh … side note: Your tie knot needs to be a little tighter :)

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    Good job given the environment. I never watch Fox (except through the eyes of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert), but regardless of where your politics lie – the host – really? Someone pays him to be in front of the camera? I almost thought it was an SNL parody when he spoke.

    But nice segment, Ed. Hope you and TTAC land some more air time.

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    Ed too bad it had to be FOX News, the news channel for the God fearing, gun toting, morons of the extreme right wing. Had to say I’m embarrassed to say I watched that clip, and the old IQ suddenly feels lower…

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    Thanks LXbuilder. Another thoughtful, insightful, value adding comment from the left. You guys never fail to disappoint.

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    Nice work Ed!

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    So, Mr. Horner, then am I correct that “If the White House DOES like you, CBS is your friend. It is really that simple.”

    Most of the comments here relate to the Fox news network or its leather-lunged anchor, not the substance of the interview. Funny how lefties can’t stand to have even one conservative-friendly cable news channel. For them, the media has to be 100% leftist.

    I don’t watch Fox News, in fact I won’t pay good money for any of those horrible cable news channels. They are all awful. But it seems to me a good thing to have at least one TV outlet that isn’t a NYT sycophant. Inasmuch as Fox wallops its competitors in the ratings, it appears the public agrees with me.

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    Well done, Ed

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    First time on television? Not bad for a first time, but it did not look real good.

    I agree with the sartorial comments — the tie and sweater looked terrible. Just go for a simple look, with the sports coat and a small-knotted tie. You look good on television. Don’t let the clothes detract from that.

    As to presentation, way too many “you knows.” And the points you made were all over the map. It was hard to understand what you were trying to say. Focus on a few bullet points, and keep coming back to them.

    Also, your voice is too soft and high. Try to speak lower and stronger if you can.

    At the moment, your written work is way above what you did on television. Work on it, though, and I’ll bet you could do well on programs like this. Look at Barack Obama — he was terrible in the first debates. He’s not bad now.

    As to the host, I thought he treated you fairly. He tried to help. Give him at least that much credit.

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    Who knew Ed was hot?!

    The points were kind of all over the map but congrats on the airtime. It takes a pretty serious opinion to ruffle White House feathers. Way to go!

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    I didn’t agree with all of Ed’s opinions, but his outfit was damn sharp!

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    Johnny Canada

    Doing what TTAC does best. Many thanks to Ed and also the Fox Business Channel.

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    Shame you could not find a reputable network.

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