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For the last two years, more Americans have seen the auto industry in a negative light than positive, as layoffs, bankruptcies, bailouts and energy price volatility have piled on the bad news. Now, according to the latest Gallup polling, those perceptions are starting to swing back around. The industry once again scores more favorable impressions than negative, although its 39 percent favorable is only as good as its 2006 level. Meanwhile, negative impressions are up four points from ’06, at 36 percent, and the industry is perceived less positively than industries like “Sports,” Publishing and Accounting . This indicates that, although the worst PR of the bailout-era is behind the industry, it’s still battling a long-term erosion in favorable impressions, as well as significantly higher unfavorable ratings. The momentum may have turned, but automakers still aren’t winning the PR war.

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8 Comments on “Americans No Longer Hate The Car Industry...”

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    I don’t have a “Very/Somewhat Negative” impression of the entire Car Industry, just GM and Chrysler.

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    I love the auto industry and always wanted to be a part of it, which didn’t happen. Maybe GM and Chrysler should have gone bankrupt in late ’09 or early ’10. It probably would have the same result w/o gov’t money, or at least not as much. Thing is, the U.S. is being drawn into a globalized economy whether Americans like it or not. Standards of living like we’re used to are going down slowly but surely. The only reason Ford has survived w/o gov’t money is that they mortaged everything to secure funds, but in my humble opinion that only delays the inevitable. With GM and Chrysler racing to outsource as much as possible, economics will force Ford to do the same, if not in process now, but soon. As a child of the 50’s and 60’s, I experienced the most wonderful era this nation ever had, and when I saw things changing by the early 70’s, I knew that something was happening, but not understanding what. It pretty much coincided with the end of combat operations in Vietnam and has accelerated in the last 15 years.

    Anyway, enough of that. Cars are as polarizing as music. Most of us HAVE to drive out of necessity, I just hope someone will still build something I actually WANT to drive!

    I’m off the soapbox, now.

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    Those figures come as no surprise. If the public boycotted every industry that ever got government money, there wouldn’t be anything left to buy.

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    Shows that a lot of Americans are just media-programmable idiots. When the media trashes the automobile for being “bad for the envior-mint”, then the public school TV watchers bah like sheep.

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    With taxpayers’ silver
    Turds are polished gold
    What did you bring us, Herr Edward?
    Bring us from the Gallup poll?

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    The headline should have read “Americans No Longer Hate The Car Industry [As Much]”

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    If I was still buying my trucks (and cars) from Government Motors I’d probably be a bit disappointed in the Industry as well.

    But ever since I stopped being a closed minded, ignorant idiot that wouldn’t buy ANYTHINGBUTGM vehicles and realized there were plenty of way better options out there it was like an epiphany. I find that I like cars and trucks a lot more and can appreciate vehicles from all corners of the world.

    Well, except most Government Motors vehicles. Good riddance.

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