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Toyota Motor Corp. is expected to report a group operating profit of about 100 billion yen ($1.14b) for the April-June period, The Nikkei [sub]. That would be a huge improvement over the same quarter loss of 194.8 billion yen ($2.23b) in 2009. In case you are wondering about the strange quarters: Japan goes by the fiscal year that ends on March 31. The April-June period is the first quarter of the new year, and times are good at TMC.

Like Toyota’s European counterparts, TMC had strong sales “mainly in emerging nations and resource-rich countries,” as the Nikkei put it. Contrary to its European counterparts, TMC has to battle with a strong Japanese currency, which makes the results even more remarkable. The Nikkei thinks Toyota will not change its guidance for the full year, because of uncertainty over Western economies. The Nikkei thinks the actual profit could come in at 10 percent more or less than the forecast.

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9 Comments on “Toyota May Have Earned Over $1b In Q1 Of Fiscal Year...”

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    Cammy Corrigan

    If this is true (and I’m slightly suspect of it, given the factors against such an outcome) then well done.

    It’s not as good as Ford, but well done, anyway…

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    “…times are good at TMC”

    So Ford beats Toyota by more than 100% in operating profits, given that Ford is a smaller company and that it sells its cars in much tougher markets? I fail to see a good reason for Toyota to celebrate.

    PS. And don’t forget that Toyota’s facing the $10b lawsuit in the States. Time to put aside some of the profits to have a compensation fund a la BP?

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      Cammy Corrigan


      Ford haven’t had the American government hounding them for a problem, which (as the evidence suggests) didn’t exist to begin with. Nor have Ford had a strong currency to fight against. Putting all these factors together, Toyota did have a better quarter. But I don’t think Fuhrer Schmitt was disparaging Ford. Even I wasn’t! (See comment above).

      Incidentally, I believe BP was another hatchet job, too. It’s quite curious why the US government didn’t go after Anadarko, Transocean and Haliburton with the same vigour as BP. Remember, BP only leased the rig. The operation and ownership belonged to Transocean. It’s a bit like renting a car from Hertz and the car starts leaking petrol everywhere. Are you culpable? Or Hertz?

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      Simple- the name BP has the fewest syllables of all those company names. It is confusing to me to even contemplate retyping all of those other companies you mentioned. BP is also a corporation that I can see real, tangible manifestation in my day to day life: the gas station on the corner. I _think_ I’ve heard of some of those other ones but it takes too much effort for me to think of what they really do. All this analytical thought is making me tired anyway. Let’s just sue BP!!

      (Yes, I’m being part sarcastic but I’m partly serious too. Sadly, I fear my satire may not be far off the mark.)

      PS- IRT a leaky rental car there could be enough blame to share but yes, most of the blame would go to the owner.

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      @ Cammy

      I’d be found responsible (care and control). Incidentally, I don’t think saying ‘Fuhrer Schmitt’ is correct; it’s like saying ‘_a_ Christian god’… Herr Schmitt – that’s the preferred nomenclature…

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    Come on LaHood, you’re just gonna have to try harder!

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    Geo. Levecque

    Ford’s profit equals how much they owe to Creditors.,it’s a muggs game of sorts imho, talking about Ford any comments about the Transmission in the Fusion, ie it keeps trying to hunt for the right gear, yet it never seems to get it!

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    For those of you comparing Ford to Toyota, consider this:

    Toyota has consistently made billions per quarter in the past multiple years. Ford didn’t.

    If Ford can keep the 2 to 1 profit advantage going for several years, then you are right. But I would not bet on that.

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