Six Month Sales By Brand: Ford Comes Out On Top

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
six month sales by brand ford comes out on top

Ford was the best-selling brand in America over the first half of 2010, outselling second-place Chevrolet by over 70k units. Sadly, we don’t have the fleet sales breakdown for this data, because both Ford and Chevy have been dogged by indicators of heavy fleet-sales reliance all year. And volume means very little if it’s hurting resale and eroding a brand. Speaking of brand erosion, did you know that the zombie brand Saturn sold better (6,480 units) since January than Jaguar or Saab? With Hyundai-Kia headed for a combined million-sales year, there’s a new pack forming behind the Korean brands, composed of Subaru, VW and Mazda. Neither true mass-market brands nor premium players, these three brands will be interesting to watch over the next several years.

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  • AuricTech AuricTech on Jul 07, 2010

    As a brand sold here in the US, where are smart's numbers? Are they rolled into the Mercedes/Maybach totals?

  • Gimmeamanual Gimmeamanual on Jul 07, 2010

    Anyone else look at that chart and say "wow, that's a lot of Jeeps"?

    • MM MM on Jul 08, 2010

      Good point... same same w/Subaru.

  • Bridge2farr Bridge2farr on Jul 10, 2010

    "The ‘bu had no guts at all, was very cheap-feeling inside, and the kids said the rear seats “suuuck-diddily-ucked.” Didn’t even make the exit gate before returning it to its stall. The attendant changed it out for a Camry, saying “that happens a lot with those cars.” LMAO!. Typical TTAC anecdotal BS story from a hater. Not surprised the well-raised offspring speak that way.

  • Bridge2farr Bridge2farr on Jul 10, 2010

    My own relevant tale- Recently at Hertz lot and handed the keys to a new Camry. Upon accellerating, the pedal stuck to the floor as the engine revved madly and the car went out of control smashing into a fence. Luckily, the motor had seized due to defective engine parts. Also, the frame collapsed rapidly due to excessive corrosion. After being pulled from the wreckage, I was offerred a Prius. I immediately ran away!