Renault: Seeking Strength Beyond Europe

Cammy Corrigan
by Cammy Corrigan
renault seeking strength beyond europe

Volkswagen, Daimler, Audi, BMW: Despite tanking sales in Europe, they all report record numbers. Why? Exports and a weak Euro. It’s not just a German thing. Same across the Rhine: Agence France Press (via Google News) reports that Renault is very bullish on the back of strong sales in the first half of 2010. Renault is up an amazing 21.6 percent to 1.35 million vehicles. Growth of 21.6 percent is good in Renault’s eyes as they claimed that the global market grew 16 percent. Meaning: Renault gained global market share.

This growth comes from a long term plan to reduce their reliance on their strongest, mature markets, like Europe (particularly France) and push into growing markets. As Renault put it, the second half of the year should show a divergence between Europe and the rest of world. With scrappage schemes ending in Europe (not to mention shaky economies and spiralling debt of governments) and markets like China and Turkey growing, the difference should be stark. “Our goal for 2010 remains an increase in market share for all our marques in all regions,” said Renault deputy director for commercial and utility vehicles Jerome Stroll. “Outside of Europe, we are continuing our offensive to strengthen our presence in emerging market countries which are the link with growth in the years to come,”. Couple this good news with Nissan’s good performance in the United States & United Kingdom and the future looks good for Renault. Well, as long as they keep Europe at a distance…

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  • 1996MEdition 1996MEdition on Jul 08, 2010

    Practicing for the squat toilets? I would change shoes first.

  • Mythicalprogrammer Mythicalprogrammer on Jul 09, 2010

    With Greece and Europe condition right now, any markets that isn't Europe is probably golden. Their currency going down probably made their auto more affordable in other markets. I think Europe will probably be the last people to get out of the global recession. USA is projected to get the hell out by 2012.

  • Styles79 Styles79 on Jul 09, 2010

    Just being picky, but isn't Carlos shown next to a Nissan Note there?

  • Coligny Coligny on Jul 10, 2010

    Yeah, E11 plateform, 2006 japanese version Nissan Note. Which share the platefrom of the Renault Modus... In case you missed... Nissan and Renault are in the same bed... (versa is a Megane 2 plateform, Koleos is a Samsung QM5, which is in fact an X-Trail plateform... Nissan Cubistar something is just a rebadged Renault Kangoo... the fun never end)