Wild Ass Rumor Of The Day: FT-86 Being Joined By Supra, MR2 Replacements

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
wild ass rumor of the day ft 86 being joined by supra mr2 replacements

According to a hot tip from Autocar, Toyota is using the delay of its FT-86 sportscar (top, right) to develop a larger “Supra” version, said to be hinted at by the FT-HS concept (bottom) and boasting a V6 hybrid drivetrain. A similar powerplant, based on the Highlander Hybrid system, was recently shown in a mid-engine MR2 evolution prototype (top, left). That model has apparently been approved for development, albeit with a 1.5 liter hybrid system, and aimed at Honda’s recently-released CR-Z. Which means that Toyota will go from offering nothing resembling a sportscar to selling two flavors of front-engine, rear-drive coupe and a mid-engine roadster. That’s what we call Moving Forward. Still, you have to wonder why these models weren’t released to take advantage of the LFA’s already-fading halo.

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  • JMII JMII on Jun 24, 2010

    I bet none of the above will happen aside from maybe a smaller sporty-looking hybrid. Turbos? Mid-engine? Yeah right, come on this is Toyota we are talking about. The kings of bland that is currently trying to repair its damaged image with all kinds of "safety" talk. And nothing says safety like a turbo-charged, mid-engine, sports car. The problem with the CR-Z (among other things) is the base engine is too weak. There is not wrong with hybrid part per say... remember the previous Accord Hybrid?

  • Probert Probert on Jun 24, 2010

    I own an mr2 mk1 and love it but the hybrid idea sounds good to me if it's done well. Electric motor = 100% torque at zero rpm. Blend at midrange. all engine awhile cruising. could be beautiful if it's raw enough.

  • Demetri Demetri on Jun 24, 2010

    Couldn't they just strap a turbo on the engine for what it would cost to implement the hybrid system?

  • Steven02 Steven02 on Jun 24, 2010

    Toyota, with no real sports cars till recently (IS F) is now going to add a few more including the LFA? Is the world ending?

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    • Tricky Dicky Tricky Dicky on Jun 25, 2010

      What would you call a BMW M3? "Sports car" is too broad in scope to gt pinickity and rule stuff out. Just compare the IS-F to the IS and then it's easy to call it a sports car. Some people would call the SC430 a sports car, not that it was particularly fast or nice handling. Under those terms, it's just an image thing. i.e. "Sports car = definitely not a soccer mom wagon".