That's Not A Sticky Pedal, Mate. This Is A Sticky Pedal

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

Does Fiat buy pedals from CTS? Hat Tip: The always well-informed Carquestions

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  • HPE HPE on Jun 20, 2010

    Yes, very good. And now, some context. This story is already quite old. AutoBild discovered the problem on the Giulietta in March and informed Fiat about the issue, before any deliveries had been made. All cars built subsequently have a modified rubber disc which prevents the pedal sliding across due to increased friction; all Giuliettas already built have been updated with the same fix prior to delivery. The story was only published once the fix had been implemented. In any case, AutoBild themselves made it clear that all current FGA cars cut fuel to the engine as soon as you apply the brake, regardless of the accelerator's position, so there is no safety issue. There are about 400,000 Bravos and Deltas on the roads now with this setup and there has never been an issue 'in the field'. FYI, the part comes from German supplier Hella. They've declined to comment about who else they've supplied with these components.

  • John Fritz John Fritz on Jun 20, 2010

    Well at least it makes it easier to vacuum up the crap under you accelerator pedal. Always was a little hard to get underneath there with that big-ass nozzle on the vacuums at the Suck and Blow.

  • Stewart Dean Stewart Dean on Jun 20, 2010

    Like Bugatti said, "I make my cars to go, not to stop!"

  • Windnsea00 Windnsea00 on Jun 20, 2010

    Another reason why I like gas pedals that start at the floor and go up (MBZ, BMW, Porsche, etc.)