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We may love compact pickups here at TTAC, but apparently we’re in the minority. On the other hand, if the segment had some fresh blood, this graph might look a bit different…

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15 Comments on “May Sales Analysis: Compact/Medium Pickups...”

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    It is amazing how much this market has declined over the years. Reminds me of the decline in coupe sales in favor of sedans to where coupes are almost non-existent. It appears compact pickups are on the same path.

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    Ford needs to do a cross-promotion with Eveready because the Ranger needs the Energizer Bunny as its spokesman. “The Ford Ranger – It keeps going, and going, and. . . . ” The Ranger could be the most profitable vehicle Ford makes.

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      Indeed. That tooling was likely paid off back in 1998 when I bought one as my first new car ever, and still it’s running numbers equivalent to the Kia Soul. Cash cows must be nice to have.

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    Poking and prodding the Colorado on the sale floor during my MANY visits for Silverado hope-they-finally-honor-the-warranty visits I was aghast a the “tinniness” of the vehicle.

    With determination and blue-collar muscularity I believe a determined chap could dismantle much of the vehicle by sheer muscle power alone.

    A hand axe would handle the areas where leverage was unavailable.

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      LOL – a toddler and a drinking straw would likely do just as well.

      Drove one of these out of sheer morbid curiosity and couldn’t believe how awful it was. And the radio appears to be an early-00’s-era leftover; the sales guy was all “but you’ve got your MP3 *AND* your WMA!” Oh, well in that case, I’ll take three, jeez!

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    Trucks in this segment need to get back to the compact side of things. The medium sized ones aren’t that much less and don’t get that much better mileage.

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      1) The size of the truck isn’t the problem. The expected performance of these 3800lb trucks is the problem. Have you checked out the gear ratios of a V6, 6MT tacoma? This would have absolutely shamed most trucks up until the mid 00s as far as performance.
      2) Less metal between the driver and the crash sled means more engineering or higher quality materials are required between said driver and sled. You get into a game of diminishing returns where it costs the exact same money to make a truck that is 7/8th scale of the current mid-size trucks and weight is only negligibly lowered. This leads to negligible fuel savings and generally poor sales when people decide that getting the bigger, more capable truck is worth the extra $1000. This goes right back to point number 1.
      3) I simply don’t think there is enough interest to justify designing an additional truck at the low end. Margins will be slim and it is like the diesel, RWD, wagon that the internet folks keep asking for. If it actually came out, few would end up buying it.
      4) A Tacoma without the SR5 package and 4WD is still a pretty damn small truck. MSRP is $16k and it gets 26mpg on the highway. Getting an extra 2mpg by shrinking the truck saves you $78/year at 10k miles/year and $3/gallon gas. Right back to point 2.

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    “Where’s the line for the Mitsu Raider, hmm?”

    “What’s that you say? You’d need a magnifying glass to see sales numbers?”

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      You would need a magnifying glass to see the Raider’s May 2009 number (246). No amount of magnification would have helped last month… sales dropped to zero, and it no longer appears on the company’s website. The “Mitsu” has racked up a total of 6 sales year-to-date. 723 over the last 12 months. 3,259 in the 12 months before that.

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    I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a Suzuki Equator.

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    If there is one thing that Toyota does well, it’s with the Tacoma. It is one of the few really bright spots in the lineup where they “tried” to build the best.

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    Count me in for not having a clue about the Suzuki Equator. Good job on the advertising, Suzuki!

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