All Clear: Your Audi Will Remain Pure German

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
all clear your audi will remain pure german

American Audiphiles can rest assured that their future four-ringed purchases will be Made in Germany and not somewhere in what is sometimes euphemistically called “North America.” Plans to build an Audi plant over here have been put on ice for an indefinite period. Worries about a tainted Aryan Audi race (in the motorsports connotation, of course) can be put aside. “We don’t need an American plant to reach our goal of 1.5m Audis a year by 2015,” said Audi Boss Rupert Stadler to Automobilwoche [sub]. “We could build a car in the U.S. in six months,” said Stadler, referring to the VW plant in Chattanooga. “Building a plant somewhere in the boonies would take three years.” And what’s the real reason?

The weak Euro. At the current rate, it’s simply more profitable to use plentiful capacities at home and ship the whole thing, than starting production in the U.S., while powertrains would have to be shipped from Germany anyway.

The weak Euro is a windfall for the export heavy German auto industry. Motormouth Ferdinand Dudenhöffer thinks the fx-effect will bring an additional €2b to the bottom line of the German auto makers this year alone. Ferdi is often wrong, but in this case, he might be somewhat on target. In any case: Should Europe bring its house in order while the dollar deteriorates (my long term bet), Audi can always build a few cars in Chattanooga. Chasing currency exchange rates with car plants is risky business.

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  • Qfrog Qfrog on Jun 26, 2010

    Yesterday I pulled a part number from a Tyco connector from a boost pressure sensor on a B8 A4. Made in China.

  • Fred Fred on Jun 26, 2010

    Before I bought my A3 I drove a VW GTI. There is a difference. Now is it was worth the money? I guess you have to decide, but I have no complaints after 40,000+ miles.

  • Cammy Corrigan Cammy Corrigan on Jun 26, 2010

    "Made in Germany"? Bollocks! Audi A3 Made in Belgium Audi Q5 Made in Slovakia Audi Q7 Made in Slovakia Audi TT Made in Hungary.

    • Th009 Th009 on Jun 27, 2010

      A1 is also in Belgium. Q3 will be built in Spain. A4, A5, A6, A8 and R8 are still built in Ingolstadt or Neckarsulm. Probably A7, too.

  • 50merc 50merc on Jun 26, 2010

    Er, Cammy, that's "Made in Germany" as per the borders of the Teutonic co-prosperity sphere in 1941.