Gurus Wrong, India Strong

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
gurus wrong india strong

Analysts were waiting anxiously for April sales numbers in India. India is an important growth market. It is far behind China, but it is waking up. Last year was the best in six years. Car sales in India had been up 25 percent to 1.53m units in the fiscal year ended March 31. Everybody had been expecting sales to ease as government stimulus measures are withdrawn and loan rates increase. Early data coming from India indicate that the market is not abating.

Maruti Suzuki rules the market in India, two out of every three small cars sold in India are Suzukis. Today, Suzuki said that they sold a total of 93,058 vehicles in April, a 30 percent rise from a the same period in the year before. As goes Maruti Suzuki, so goes India.

Domestic sales of Maruti Suzuki were up 23 percent, exports skyrocketed by 89 percent. This also might have something to do with the trend described below.

Higher prices, caused by higher taxes, rebounding steel prices and stricter emission rules could not dampen the robust demand in the country, says The Nikkei [sub] that keeps a close eye on the subcontinent.

Maruti’s rival, Hyundai Motor India Ltd., also announced an up month for April. Hyundai’s domestic sales in India were up 28 percent to 28,501 units. 23,519 units were exported, a tepid 6 percent rise.

GM India is up 100 percent in April. But with only 10,601 units sold, they are nobody compared to Suzuki. The rise is accredited to the recently launched Chevrolet Beat, 3852 units left dealers’ lots during April.

The biggest percentage gainer is Ford India. They more than tripled their April sales. To not overly impressive 7,509 units.

India is owned by Maruti Suzuki, with Korean Hyundai next. All the others are bit players. It will be a few years until India comes close to the importance of China, but with a population of more than 1.1b, this is definitely the market where you want to be in the long run.

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  • Obbop Obbop on May 02, 2010

    My goodness, there are some well-reasoned, logical arguments in the nether regions floating above. Can't agree with all since there are conflicting arguments but my lack of agreement OR agreement does NOT (of course) make the written opinions above right or wrong or left. Never been to India and have no desire to go there but from the little read about the place seems to be a bureaucratic nightmare not conducive to the creation of a modern 1st-world nation-state. Me thinks that before contemplating the manufacture of personal motorized transportation devices that, perhaps, rototillers that assist in the growing of comestibles might be a growing market or, if that need is filled, small low-powered "mules" that assist farmers in various ways as labor-saving devices may be the best utilization of resources to ensure India's burgeoning population is fed. Then work on the byproducts of feeding to keep the water disease free and reduce the impact of hordes of humans upon the environment. Best would be urging the human herd to cease whelping so many pups. Imagine if their HUGE herd was MUCH smaller and remained that way. More room for everybody!!!! More resources. And, the "wonders of diversity" and multi-culturalism that causes so much strife across the planet (and may eventually tear the USA apart despite the ongoing brainwashing that (gag) "diversity is our strength"... heaven forbid that common bonds be given any impetus) and reveals that strife in India and Sri Lanka may be curtailed by having extra room to allow disparate beliefs, cultures, religions etc. to dwell apart and be able to not be forced to coexist where peaceful living may require the iron fist of a dictatorial warlord (as seen with Iraq and Sadaam Hussein). Respect the rototiller!!!!!! Power to the 3-point hitch!!!!! All hale the mighty water pump and well drilling device!!!! The back-hoe and skip-loader, even small scaled-down versions, can be a wondrous friend to civilization. And far fewer humans can result in the individual being of far more value to society than being a speck among billions.

  • SGK1966 SGK1966 on May 06, 2010

    Ford Figo is good overall, excpet for the below mentioned factors: AC Compressor right behind the front grill - very prone to damage even in a minor bump Sluggish pickup in 1st & 2nd Gear - alomost to the point of engine stalling, very frightening in Indian Cirty Driving & Traffic conditions Shifting Gears is not so smooth Low mileage on Highway - only 12 Kms approximately Low Road Clerance for driving over Bangalore Road Humps - scrapes the Hump very easily if not taken over the hump very very carefully at dead slow speeds Headlight - not so bright as required Windscreen reflects the Dash Board that superimposes the image of the Vehicles in front causing co-ordination and distance confusion when maneuvering traffic I have personally taken up the issue with Ford and the Dealer directly, and they have assure dme to look into the matter and "try" to "rectify" the issue after due testing - hoping they do, if not I have to opt for a change in Car again Thank you & Regards, Sudhakar G k

  • Dukeisduke Avoid the Ford Windstar at all costs, especially if has the Essex 3.8l V6. Besides the Essex V6, these things had terrible rust problems with the front subframe (if you live someplace where things rust), the automatic transmissions had big problems, and the rear twist beam axle had a tendency to fracture, literally killing some drivers.
  • TMA1 I did an audit of a major Korean chaebol a decade ago, and this is the car they sent every day to pick me up. That back seat was the place to be. Especially on the passenger side with the reclining chair and footrest. I always wanted to get one for myself, but couldn't afford the driver needed to fully enjoy it.
  • Dukeisduke Add audible commands, like, "Stop tailgating, you moron!", and, "Slow down - you're gonna kill us all!" I was going to suggest using the voices of Tom and Ray Magliozzi, but sadly, only Ray is still with us (RIP, Tom).
  • Art Vandelay And it will alert Tassos and EBFlex so they can stop puffing each other’s peters if another vehicle is in the vicinity and may see their dirty deeds
  • Art Vandelay It was junked due to all of the Peter puffing Tassos and EBFlex did in it. Nobody wants to ride in that. Clearly it is a Hyundai so they never go to the junkyard otherwise