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Here’s a video of the AE86 being put through its paces by the Drift King himself, Keiichi Tsuchiya. Not so much drifting in the current sense, but hustling the Corolla in his style on a race track. As much as I can appreciate the skills that go into drifting, I prefer to see a car being driven as fast as possible, not just for show. In the next video, he’s pitted against a newer Civic EK9 in a three lap grudge race.

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13 Comments on “Corolla AE86 In The Hands Of The Drift King...”

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    Uh-oh. No helmet during training. My boat race partner did the same during set-up testing for a friend, barrel-rolled three times while the on-board air bottle slammed through the windshield and was gone. If the boat would have landed upside-down after the third roll, he’d be dead.

    He then went on a “train like you race” preaching tour ….

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    Looks like some pretty good driving to me. Interesting to see the left foot braking technique.


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    is it just me or does the corolla AE86 have the best 4-cyl exhaust note I’ve ever heard? RWD for the win!

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      Kevin Kluttz

      Best exhaust note. Ever. Period. I listened to it intently at 5 to 7000 rpm regularly for 3 years in 1985. First Twin-Cam engine of any size on these shores (in my lifetime, anyway; I’m 53 and not aware of any others), and amazingly I was allowed to trade in my POS 1982 Trans Am on a BRIGHT red 1985. I haven’t even watched the video; I’ve lived it, drift (accidental, but successful, with two witnesses. Scared shitless passengers, actually, but that damned thing drifted masterfully.) and all. (Pee-Wee got nuttin’ on me. Please tell me we all remember that line…)

      I wore out the clutch and traded it in on a very WHITE 1987 FX-16 GT-S. With a damned automatic. What was I thinking? Drove it 4 blissful years, though. Then the Sentra SE-R in 1991. These and others are why I am in debt now, but I HAD FUN!

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      “Best exhaust note. Ever. Period. ”

      Yeah…no. It’s good for a 4-cyl. But nothing to write home about against the threatening growl of your usual V8, and that itself is nothing against the hellish death scream of your average Italian V-10/V-12 at top gear.

      Still though, in this world of 10,000rpm K20A’s and coffee can fart pipes, it refreshing to know that the 4-cyl world wasn’t always annoyingly loud ‘n proud and that at one time it actually sounded like something you’d expect from a performance car.

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    the 4a-ge

    sounds great being abused

    this is what akio means when he says he wants that ‘driving flavor’ back

    they won’t get that lightning in a bottle ever again

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    I agree with the exhaust note. My roommate has owned one of these since 2006. He raced it at Drift Indy in the famous Speedrome in Indianapolis.

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    This reminds me an awful lot of the Japanese manga Initial D, about a small-town delivery boy who competes in street races in his Toyota AE86 Truneo.

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      Tshuchiya was involved in making Initial D, and was featured in a cameo role in the earlier stages.

      Great series.

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    Awesome video. It’s what I want in a car now but can’t have.

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    Damn, i must have seen that clip countless times and it´s still good. One of my all-time favourite cars.

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    Pitting a AE86 against a version of the Civic the U.S never saw.. is amazing.

    And its funny.. the guy in the Civic is TRYING to make it go faster.. and it wont.

    Yet the AE86 keeps spooooling on the power…

    Imagine taking the current version of the two cars today… I wonder which would do better.

    This.. I enjoy.
    The current shit… I do not.

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