What's Wrong With This Picture: A Camaro You Can See Out Of Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
what s wrong with this picture a camaro you can see out of edition

After much back-and- forth, it seems that the Camaro convertible is a sure thing after all, as this picture has surfaced at the Camaro’s Facebook page. Would you friend it?

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  • LectroByte LectroByte on Apr 15, 2010

    Here in what should be one of the Camaro's best potential sales areas (East-by-god-Tennessee), the company parking lot boasts about 3 new Mustangs for every new Camaro, and no Challengers. From what I hear from the folks who have put their money where their mouths are, the Mustang is "way more car for the money", or they were just pissed about those Chevy dealers wanting a nonrefundable deposit before even allowing a test drive. I can't really comment on the convertible versions, since the folks I talk to think convertibles are for girls, and no self-respecting red-blooded manly man would be caught driving one.

  • Runwithscissors Runwithscissors on Apr 16, 2010

    Ford should study this and learn how auto design can be an art.

    • The Guvna The Guvna on Apr 16, 2010

      Seeing how Ford was the company responsible for giving the world the GT40, and its later GT homage, I'd say they already have some inkling about that. If I were responsible for giving the world what is still one of the three or four best looking cars ever made, I'm not sure I'd be looking to this redneck chariot for artistic inspiration... Kidding aside, the Camaro is indeed very good-looking. As long as you don't look inside, anyway.

  • Mark MacInnis Mark MacInnis on Apr 16, 2010

    Friend it? Yeah. Marry it? No way.

  • Stencha Klaus Stencha Klaus on Apr 16, 2010

    If I was going to spend this kind of money I would get a completely restored first generation Camaro for the following reasons: - original Camaro will always go up in value, new Camaro will tumble in value very quickly - original Camaro is built with real metal and high quality parts all made in USA unlike Chinese and Mexican components in new GM products - original Camaro can be worked on by backyard mechanic and parts will always be available, new Camaro is too complicated even the dealers can't fix them - original Camaro is much more fun to drive with no nanny controls and raw power and that 1960's GM smell - original Camaro is much better looking