Quote Of The Day: Alternate Reality Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
quote of the day alternate reality edition

We no longer have the dubious honor of leading this category. We’ve been down that road before, and we know it’s a dead end.

We didn’t listen to GM’s monthly sales call today, but it we had, we would have been even more likely to screw up the headline for Edmund’s incentive report [ed: for which we deeply apologize]. The cognitive dissonance between Susan Docherty’s triumphalist quote and Edmunds’ harsh version of reality left even Automotive News [sub] scratching its head. “GM says it avoided spiff frenzy — but Edmunds numbers beg to differ,” runs the shit-starting headline. Docherty claims that GM pays a mere $2,800 in incentives per vehicle, far short of Edmunds’ chart-topping $3,519 “true cost.” So what gives? Well, GM’s numbers do come from JD Power…Needless to say, neither Edmunds nor the Power want to be caught guessing. AN [sub] reports:Both Edmunds.com and J.D. Power measure customer cash, interest and lease incentives, along with cash to dealers for specific vehicles. But J.D. Power also includes cash that automakers give dealers for meeting sales volume objectives.

Still, that shouldn’t make J.D. Power’s per-vehicle numbers lower for GM, said Edmunds.com analyst Jessica Caldwell.

“We’ve been doing the same thing for years, and it’s weird that we’re coming to a point where all of the sudden we’re showing a huge discrepancy,” Caldwell said.

So, is this a core-brand, non-core-brand issue? Is it the perception gap? Or did JD cook up some numbers that would allow Ms Docherty to preach the second coming of responsibility? Either way, both GM and Chrysler are having a hard time walking their talk on incentive spending. But hey, they aren’t playing with their own money.
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  • Niky Niky on Apr 02, 2010

    First they lost their biggest volume crown, nowt they're losing their incentive crown? What next? We'll find out GM isn't king of non-salary employee benefits anymore? Woe is me!

  • Jimboy Jimboy on Apr 02, 2010

    Well since you did so deeply apologize, so will I. I shouldn't have lost my cool over your misrepresentation of incentive spending, but you have a responsibility to your readers to present facts, not fiction (April Fools notwithstanding). I understand that TTAC loves to bash Chrysler because it does bring readers to the site, but bash where it's due, not because you have failed to get the correct information. Many of your readers support this company precisely because they have been trashed repeatedly, first by Daimler, then by Cerberus. Your smarmy, tongue in cheek comments, are like kicking a dog that's been run over already. Someday, you may find yourself in that position, and I hope that you receive better treatment than you've given.

  • Dukeisduke Globally-speaking, in August, BYD was the fourth best-selling brand name. They pushed Ford (which had been fourth) to sixth, behind Hyundai.
  • 2ACL Some of the reported issues sound expensive for all but the most committed wrenchers. Scant documentation on some of the previous work is also a minus. I wouldn't mind something like this, but whereas the seller is trying to make room, I don't have any for something this intensive.
  • Merc190 Any Alfa has a unique character built in, so there's that, once you get it running properly, until it doesn't...
  • Syke Yeah, no sympathy for the dealerships whatsoever. I've gone enough thru training a dealership's salesperson under the guise of trying to buy an EV. I'm pleasantly surprised that Ford's insisting on Level 3 DC Fast Charging rather than the usual Level 2 that most dealerships have now. This is definitely forcing a commitment on the part of the dealer that they're going to be serious about selling EV's.Oh yeah, DC Fast Charging is never free, so you're definitely talking another income stream for the dealership. The big question is are they smart enough to make something real of it?I continue to say that the legacy automakers biggest problem when it comes to selling EV's is their own dealerships. And this article really drives that home.
  • SCE to AUX Yeah, I'm going to spend 5 or 6 figures on a used/abused car from a punk.