New Titan-Based Nissan Vans Debut

Paul Niedermeyer
by Paul Niedermeyer
new titan based nissan vans debut

Here’s Nissan’s solution to keep the underutilized Titan lines moving, and it’s a bit different. A van body has been grafted to the Titan front end, which brings certain obvious benefits and disadvantages. Nissan claims that US van owners are unhappy with their ancient Econolines and Chevy vans. According to Nissan: “Looking at the CV market in recent years, there’s been a migration of van users to light-duty pickups due to the lack of comfort, image and dependability of the current outdated van platforms. Yet many of these truck owners admit they need a van for weather protection, security and the convenience of a tall roof van to carry large items or equipment.”

The upside is a roomy pickup cab with no engine dog house. The downside? A lot of wasted real estate, especially compared to the European-designed Sprinter.

The Nissan NV is available in a low roof as well as a high roof version. Three load ratings are available, 1500, 2500, and 3500 (one ton). Engines are a choice of the familiar 4.0 V6 and the 5.6 V8. No diesels.

What’s curious is the upper side panel indentation, where glass might typically be. There’ no way that would be there unless Nissan was planning some sort of passenger version too. And looks like no easy walk-through to the back, unless that console can be deleted. That’s one of the strengths of the vans.

This may well put more pressure on Ford’s and GM’s old van platforms. But it certainly isn’t up to the Sprinter’s versatility, space utilization, and efficiency. Of course, its pricey too. No word on Nissan NV pricing yet. Full press release and pics for all you plumbers and electricians here.

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  • Abrar Very easy and understanding explanation about brake paint
  • MaintenanceCosts We need cheaper batteries. This is a difficult proposition at $50k base/$60k as tested but would be pretty compelling at $40k base/$50k as tested.
  • Scott ?Wonder what Toyota will be using when they enter the market?
  • Fred The bigger issue is what happens to the other systems as demand dwindles? Will thet convert or will they just just shut down?
  • Roger hopkins Why do they all have to be 4 door??? Why not a "cab & a half" and a bit longer box. This is just another station wagon of the 21st century. Maybe they should put fake woodgrain on the side lol...