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We recently asked our Best and Brightest to show us their favorite car ads of all time, and we all wasted the rest of the day staring at old Youtube clips of some of the best auto spots of all time. But what was the best car ad to come out in 2009? According to Automotive News [sub], Nielsen IAG Automotive has awarded this Kia Soul ad the prize of “Automotive Ad of the Year for effectiveness” for 2009. But was it really the best? Be sure to include your own nominations for the best car ad of ’09 in your comments.

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24 Comments on “Is This The Best Car Ad Of The Year?...”

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    The Kia Soul ad may not have been “the best”, but I agree it was the “most effective”. Their target audience was young drivers, and my daughter and all of her friends LOVED it. And they don’t particularly pay attention to car ads.

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    Airing the ‘best’ commercials doesn’t necessarily mean anything, just look at VW. The hamsters did two did things: show you can be cool in a Kia and drive traffic to the Kia dealers.

    I can’t think of any other potential best, but can certainly think of a nominee for the worst ad/worst campaign:

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      Those are great ads, especially the Wrangler one.

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      All I can say for the Jeep spots is “where’s the beef?”. Very few money shots on the vehicle and even those are just in passing. Obviously, even the manufacturer doesn’t want us to look too closely at the product. Selling the sizzle of “almost bacon” again.

      Good jorb Fiatsler.

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    That ad doesn’t exist in the northeast that I know of. I think also that all car ads in the NE are run by local dealers so they’re more about deals than “lifestyle” or being cute.
    The current Toyota ads are by far the best ones.

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    my personal favorite is the Badger…

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    I live in a Boston suburb and this commercial is on all the time, airing during the typical 8-10pm time-frame on the major networks.

    And I agree, this ad is very effective – it gets my vote as the best of 2009 for generating appeal for a car and brand. I even googled it one night to find out who the artist was on the soundtrack. (no other ad did that!)

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    I know this is old, but TRUNK MONKEY!!

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    Sure the product isn’t as cool as the Soul, but what about the ‘other’ Kia ad?

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    Scorched Earth

    Kia’s been doing some great ads. I’d agree with the Hamster one being the best of 2009, but the sock monkey one is good too:

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      I’m with Ya on this. Even the better half, who usually is unmoved by car ads, loves both the hamster and sock puppet ads. I even catch her singing the sock monkey ad around the house.

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    The Kia ads are brilliant. The sock monkey getting the tattoo (“Mom”). The hamsters… These are like some old Camel print ads from early in the last decade in having humor on several different levels. In one of the old Camel ads, there’s a riot going on at the beach where a gigantic sea monster is carrying a beautiful woman off (who is very happy to be carried off) and smoking, while people are carrying on all around. A photographer is shooting with a view camera from the ’50s, a policeman is charging into the water with his baton, and in the background, on the beach, you can see the front end of a ’55 Chevy police car on its side.

    The Wrangler ads feel patronizing (thanks! Lanetru)

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    Hyundai Elantra where woman leaves lipstick note. The shot of the back end starting at 0:15 sold me.

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    +1 Scorched Earth

    When an automobile commercial causes Mrs. Monty to stop what she’s doing and pay attention, it’s got to be an effective ad. I knew it and the Audi Green Police commercials were good, because my wife can actually recognize a Kia Sorento now, and also now knows Audi by name, and she is uninformed (at best!) regarding cars.

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    How about this Ford GT ad:

    And I always loved this Porsche commercial:

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    Huh, Hamsters? Hyundai’s superbowl Assurance ad of 2009. That has got to be the most effective ad of the decade!

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    it is a great/creative add

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    My nomination, anti soft roader, anti metrosexual – it’s got it all!

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    Robert Schwartz

    Jeep Liberty Singing Squirrels, Birds, and Wolf.

    Honda, rube goldberg machine:

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    Nope, never seen any of those ads yet. I guess NYC metro is a hopeless case when it comes to car ads.

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    I have an overpowering urge to redub this ad with Haddaway’s ‘What is Love?’ :P.

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    And it is done ^^:

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