Finally! Fusion Hybrid Available Soon As A Lincoln

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
finally fusion hybrid available soon as a lincoln

Ford already sells a Ford Fusion Hybrid and a Mercury Milan Hybrid, but according to the Detroit News, a Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is en route as well, giving Ford a hybrid model for each of its three brands. Too bad they’re all the same model. As Jim Hall of 2953 Analytics points out:

Ford’s ability to get hybrid powertrains from its suppliers is limited. Adding another model does not mean the company will be able to add sales.

So, besides the possibility of more profit, why go there? Well, given that a base Milan Hybrid ($32k) starts under a base FWD V6 MKZ ($34k) (Fusion Hybrid starts around $28k), the margins on the MKZ could well be eye-popping. And one Ford dealer is quoted as saying that recalls at Lexus open the possibility of Lincoln stealing luxury hybrid sales. But with Ford moving towards three-brand dealers, these hybrid triplets will only help expose Ford’s chrome-n-badge luxury brand strategy for the minor improvement over badge engineering that it is.
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  • Runfromcheney Runfromcheney on Mar 28, 2010

    I am taking this as a hint that the Milan Hybrid is on its way to being cut.

  • NulloModo NulloModo on Mar 28, 2010

    Runfromcheney - You may not be wrong. Once Ford completes the integration of Lincoln/Mercury and Ford dealers, there will no longer be a need for Mercury. bts - A small V6 like the 3.0 paired with the hybrid system wouldn't be a bad idea for a Lincoln version, more power and a good reason to spend a bit extra for the Lincoln, and we know the 3.0 already fits into the engine bay of the MKZ. I wonder if it would be worth the cost to set it up for what will likely be a very low volume model though. I occasionally get some older folk who ask why they can't get a hybrid with a V6, but most of them don't really understand hybrids anyway, are poor hybrid candidates considering they drive maybe 5,000 miles a year, and are just asking about them because they keep seeing them on TV.

    • Newcarscostalot Newcarscostalot on Mar 29, 2010

      NullModo: Do most older folks where you work gravitate to the Taurus, as opposed to another model? Not counting the aforementioned hybrids. Also, are they surprised by the size of it? They are bigger than the 2006 and earlier models, but I have never had the opportunity to compare the two side by side.

  • Z72_Silvy Z72_Silvy on Mar 29, 2010

    I don't think I've seen a FoMoCo hybrid of any name on the roads here in Minnesota. Now they are adding another one. Why? What does Ford sell, maybe 850 hybrids per year?

  • DC Bruce DC Bruce on Mar 29, 2010

    Jeez, have any of you ever driven this Lincoln MKZ? I did, involuntarily, as a rental a few weekends ago. Not my idea of a "luxury car" or even close. A stiff, un-supple ride, an interior with an abundance of hard plastic surfaces and uncomfortable seats. I just spent 4 days and about 600 miles in a Nissan Altima, and I would say that the seats and interior were about equal. The ride was definitely better, with acceptable, but not sporty handling. I give the Ford points only for the quieter V-6 engine than the 2.5 liter 4 in the Altima, which drew more attention to itself when asked for power. But that doesn't compensate for what I imagine is a $10K sticker price difference between the two. I admit I have not driven the lesser Fusion or Milan, but I was shocked and disappointed at the MKZ and could not begin to imagine paying a premium for this car over its "lesser" cousins.