February Chrysler Sales Hold Steady At "Weak"

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
february chrysler sales hold steady at weak

Chrysler sold exactly 399 more vehicles in February than it did in February of 2009, which would be a respectable performance if the comparison weren’t with one of Chrysler’s worst months on record. GM may be tentatively nosing its way out of the bottom of a sales trough, but Chrysler is treading water at unsustainable levels (CEO Sergio Marchionne has said he “needs” Chrysler to sell 1.1m units in the US this year). Considering that a huge amount of Chrysler’s sales release [ PDF format here] is spent detailing the company’s many consumer incentives, Marchionne’s goal of turning ChryCo into a 1.1m-unit, incentive-less juggernaut seems less realistic with every passing month.

Sebring improved by 100 percent to 3,160 units, but was offset by a collapse in PT Cruiser sales. Chrysler was up 9 percent alltogether.

Jeep was up 6 percent, with gains from Compass and Commander offsetting a 34 percent drop in Wrangler sales.

Dodge was off five percent, with only Charger (+55%) and Avenger (+78%) balancing losses elsewhere, particularly in Ram trucks which were down 31 percent (Ram down 29% to 10,267 units).

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  • Moparman426W Moparman426W on Mar 03, 2010

    And I hope your dumb ass becomes unemployed, and you have to drive your little sissified turd of a foreign car straight to the unemployment office, wondering why you lost your job.

    • Criminalenterprise Criminalenterprise on Mar 03, 2010

      Chrysler's current lineup is an embarrassment and a liability to the United States automobile industry. But since you mention it, the only automotive-related company I do some work for is BMW Manufacturing Co.

  • Moparman426W Moparman426W on Mar 03, 2010

    I don't recall mentioning anything about you working in the automobile industry, Mr. Einstein. But many people in this area do, with all of the auto plants we have. And believe me, you wouldn't get away with talking your stupid crap like that around here. The biggest embarrassment to our auto industry, and our country is people like yourself, I'm not even going to waste my time responding to you anymore.

  • Johnny Dorsey Johnny Dorsey on Mar 03, 2010

    Why do they compare sales with a year ago and not a month ago? A lot can happen in a year. I'm surpirsed the Ram didn't do better, since it's the Truck of the Year.

  • Moparman426W Moparman426W on Mar 04, 2010

    I saw the sales figures in THE NEW YORK TIMES today, and they weren't as bad last month as I had thought. They sold just over 84,400 cars, which is about 4 and a half times over the 18k that subaru sold. They edged back past honda by about 4k cars which put them back in 4th place.