Toyota Recall Includes Computer Reflash, Trimming Gas Pedals

Paul Niedermeyer
by Paul Niedermeyer
toyota recall includes computer reflash trimming gas pedals

We’ve gotten hold of documents relating to that other Toyota recall, the one from last fall regarding pedal interference with floor mats. Tying the floor mats to the seats was the short term fix, but now Toyota has the permanent solution. This includes cars with the Denso pedal that is not part of the sticky-pedal recall. The main features: cutting off the bottom of the pedal to make it shorter (yes, with a reciprocating saw) reworking the sound-deadening and carpet near the pedal, and most important, from our point of view, a reflash of the computer to give braking priority over throttle inputs. The documents we looked at specifically concerns Camry models with the Denso pedal. Our other report details the shim fix to vehicles with the CTS pedal, but that doesn’t describe making these changes to the bottom of the pedal or the carpet. Or is that covered under a separate recall? Almost certainly, as its inconceivable that the reflash wouldn’t be applied to both models. We’ll confirm that ASAP.

Meanwhile, the Denso-equipped Camrys will have some portion of their pedals cut off with a reciprocating saw, orbital sander, and a template and gauge (tools supplied by Toyota). Some work will be done to remove sound deadening material and modify the floor surface. And any of the older all-weather mats will be replaced by newer versions. The flat rate to dealers is 2.1 hours.

We’d like to see Toyota place more emphasis on their plans to reflash the computers, and come out with a time-table for covering all their vehicles that need this done, ASAP.

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  • Robbie Robbie on Feb 04, 2010

    Question for the best an brightest, among all this Toyota bashing: Isn't this a case of Toyota getting extremely bad press now based on an issue that happens to one vehicle in a million, with the general public not understanding that the chances of your Toyota speeding up out of control are extremely small - smaller than say, dying when crossing a sidewalk, or getting hit by lightning?

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    • Eastaboga Eastaboga on Feb 04, 2010

      Robbie, The chance of the pedal assembly actually failing is quite small, granted, but the chance of the pedal becoming pinned down for any number of reasons, say a floormat maybe, is much more likely. IF (and I don't know the answer to this for certain) in a sustained brake application the computer is not reducing power, not allowing the transmission to be shifted into neutral, or not allowing the ignition to be turned off (unless the driver knows to press and hold for the start/stop button 3 seconds)....then the computer is programmed incorrectly. It was only amatter of time beofre drive-by-wire bit a manufacturer. I believe that if Toyota, with their reputation and good will in the marketplace, would come clean on this point they'd be in a much better position right now. This is failure mode analysis, something Toyota the Japanese OEM's are the world's best at! If the computer programming is the issue, not a computer malfunction, then they need to come clean now, otherwise this sordid mess will continue until the brand is damaged beyond recognition!

  • Fgbrault Fgbrault on Feb 04, 2010

    sfenders - I don't know if they will implement it on manual transmission equipped cars, but if they do I assume that it would work like my VW (DSG) does with a 1/2 second delay. Also, on my VW I don't think it is triggered if you start braking before accelerating. By the way who would buy a Toyota appliance who plans to heal & toe? :)

  • Krimby Krimby on Mar 17, 2010

    I just got my 2007 Camry done. It's Kentucky built, with the Denso pedal. It looks like they left the pedal and the floor mat alone. When I went in they asked if I was here for the GL4 recall ( something like that ) There's nothing on my letter saying what recall it's part of. The final receipt says I got the system reflashed and had a "Tibia Pad Assy" installed, and a "Stopper, Accelerator" installed. I have no idea what either of them are. Any ideas?

  • JMHaltom JMHaltom on Jun 09, 2010

    Wish I had seen this site sooner. The wife has a 08 Highlander. She received a letter about the mat recalls and the accelerator problem. She contacted our local toyota dealer. They said, "come on in". That should have been my first signal that something was up. Well she took her car in and when they had her pick it up, I bent down and looked at the pedel. Damn, it did look like someone took a sawsall to it. Needless to say we were more than a little pissed. Especially after fighting them for a year about her air-vent smell. It took about one minute to find out that this was there quick fix. We were informed that most people don't look at the pedel and so they slide this by. They said they could order us another pedel (they have a shorter one) and install it. This is what they should have done in the first place. If anyone wants to see the quality work, my address is