What's Wrong With This Picture: CTS Versus Denso Toyota Pedal Assembly Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

Kudos to Edmunds Inside Line for throwing up pictures of two Toyota gas pedal assemblies. The recalled unit, made by CTS, is shown above in a 2010 Camry. The non-recalled Denso-produced unit is after the jump.

As you can tell from these pictures alone, the differences between the two units are obvious, and based on superficial analysis alone, the Denso unit appears to be of much higher quality. If any of TTAC’s Best and Brightest has the means to obtain and tear down each of these units and provide us with side-by-side images, we will happily provide a generous bounty for any photographs that shed more light on the differences between these two units. Drop us an email at editors@ttac.com, and we’ll get back to you post-haste.

Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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  • My wife has a Corolla model 2009. In last september she had an episode o f sudden acceleration and a near accident in a street of our city. She was lucky to deviate to an empty avenue and managed to stop the car by pushing into neutral, pulling the park break and turning off the engine. After some days in dealer Toyota of Brasil stated that the matress provocked the incident. My wife disagreed with them. Now the episode is clear, the problem is worldwide. Toyota of Brasil denies that there’s problem whith cars produced in Brasil. The pedals of brazillian Corolla are produced by DENSO. Newspapers in my region reported four more cases of sudden acceleration. One of them led to an accident with total lose of the veihicle and driver’s light injuries. I think that the greatest question is if are the pedals responsible for the problem? Brazillian Toyotas have problem of sudden acceleration and use DENSO pedals! We are waiting for these anwers anxiously.

  • Gm99362 Gm99362 on Mar 11, 2010

    I just called the parts desk at my local Toyota dealer. I asked whether a person could just buy the Denso assembly straight out and replace the CTS unit like the one in my 2008 Camry. He said that he had checked into it and the control wiring is different for the two units....although they look the same they are not interchangeable. Too bad. I'd pay the money to get it fixed right. Has anyone ever checked to see if the ECM's are the same units between the Japanese cars and the Foriegn built cars (American built)?

  • FreedMike Not much to look at, but these were sweet to drive.
  • EBFlex Ford finally making a good decision although they should shut down their EV operations and investment all together. Why lose that money too?
  • Mike Lol. This is the king of suvs. And its made by GM.Why is everyone trashing it?Top of its its class for a quarter century.
  • Frank Drove past there last week, plant has a huge poster of a bronco on the outside. I was thinking "Is that where they build the new broncos?" I know they use to make the Edge and that other mundane SUV there but I believe both have been canned.
  • CanadaCraig Toyota saw this coming. So good for them for being courageous enough to say, "Wait a minute. Let's not rush into anything."