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28 Comments on “The Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Is a Disaster!...”

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    I give this disaster movie a Thumbs Up!  Hip, fun yet slightly “dangerous” ad.  Well done, I like it.

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    It’s nice to see where my hard-earned taxpayer dollars are spent.

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    With what’s going on in Haiti, the timing ain’t the best.

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    Too bad it looks like a Civic on a Sumo Diet.

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    I’m sorry but this ad looks like it was produced by a group of second year media-studies undergraduates who’ve had one or two too many cans of Red Bull. The whole thing looks messy and sounds worse.

    It doesn’t tell me anything about the car other than that it has an engine some seats and a dashboard. The cheesy music choices (which make the ad sound like a sub-par video-game from about 10 years ago) and rapid cutting only serve to distract me. If I were watching this on TV, I’d go and put the kettle on.

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    The car looks too tall and under-tired for the big V motor.

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    I liked it. If you look at this ad and think “this car needs awd” then you are not the target demographic, so don’t worry about it.

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      Interesting point: I live in eastern Ontario and it seems like the vast majority of CTSs I see have a little “4” in subscript below the “CTS” badge.  I very rarely see an RWD CTS.

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      Agreed.  I think there has been entirely too much emphasis on 4WD as the cure all to winter traction.  The guys who swear by it are the same ones I see in the ditch every winter….sometimes with their worn out all-seasons pointing up in the air.  Winter tires are cheaper than 4WD and don’t have the all season fuel mileage penalty.

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      psarhjinian & Disaster, thank YOU both so very much!!

      That is a point that Ive been trying to get across.. to virtually everyone.. everywhere, about the positive benefits of SNOW tires against the b.s AWD units, that virtually EVERYONE in every automaker seems to be using.

      There was EVEN a post on autoblog.. about snows. They had a Legacy WAGON(!!!!!) that couldnt get decent traction.. even with AWD. Remember, when you have awd you have the ability to move power left or right, front or back. But it doesnt cover the benefits (in the least) of snow tires.

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      Our Volvo AWD XC70 lease came shod with Continental 4×4 Contacts.  They weren’t great to begin with but by the second season there was only the faintest hint of actual traction in snowy conditions.  Our RWD Genesis, with it’s Michelin X-Ice tires, run rings around the Volvo, in this winter’s mess.  Funny how we’ll see it’s snowing and reach for the Genny’s keys.
      The U.S. could greatly reduce winter accidents if it required winter tires in the upper states, like Canada does.

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    A distaster for GM haters yes, everyone else loves it.

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    I think it looks odd. The lack of visible exterior door handles gives it a tall ungainly comical appearance married to squares of edginess Art and Science sprinkled about. I would not but it on looks.

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    I’m biased here. My brother-in-law is the Manual Transmission Engineer for this beast.
    Where is this being shown? TV, Internet Marketing Campaign? ……
    This piece may be very effective on its intended audience … for me it, it’s nice but doesn’t work. I can’t afford it.
    I agree with you.

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    If you’d rather be making a pot of tea, or taking an afternoon nap, than watching this… The ad guys will be very happy.  It’s a well done ad for a younger crowd.

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      I disagree that the ad was done to target the younger crowd. I would argue that it was done for those who think themselves as “young” but aren’t, hence the Play Station 1 soundtrack. Then again, pandering to people’s delusions and vanity is probably what advertising is all about.
      I’m 28 years old and I love a nice cup of rosy-lea.

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    I can’t say I like the car, but that has more to do with my hate of two-door, four-seat cars than anything else.  More rows of seats than rows of doors is a pain in the ass.
    Cadillac, if it’s going to be taken seriously as a Benz competitor, needs this car.**  What they also need is a car or two above the CTS that aren’t worse than the CTS.  Currently, they don’t have that, and I don’t think the XTS will improve matters.
    ** So does Lexus, for that matter, and it’s hurting the IS and GS’ image by not having them.

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    Music and car ads don’t mix. I want to hear the car: the engine, the tires, the brakes, the wind noise, and especially the quiet.  Will advertisers ever learn to stop covering up with music the natural sounds and the wonderful quiet of a well built car?
    Apparently this Cadillac doesn’t make pleasant sounds or isn’t well built enough to be quiet so the advertiser had to add music.

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    I liked it. If you look at this ad and think “I’d go and put the kettle on” then you are not the target demographic, so don’t worry about it.

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    I’m not a fan of GM, but I really want to like this car and the 4 door version as well. I cannot get past the overdone front air dam…it looks like a piece of kit from the 70’s intended for the front of a “sport” S-10 pickup. From my perspective, the air dam does not flow with the body style at all…it appears to be a last minute after thought. There again, maybe it is an S-10 “sport” air dam and Cadillac decided to use it to save money!

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    The design is clearly inspired by the late 70s Opel Rekord:
    The diesel engine was too big for the standard hood.

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    This ad feels like the Matrix movie with the slow mo and the music.  Very well done.  Way too long however.   Needs to be shorter to have impact.  Gets redundant and familiar at 1.5 minutes.  Otherwise an excellent commercial.  Rawness with refinement.  They should have interjected in the volcano and hurricane opening with someone playing a violin or a ballet dancer showing the same dichotomy juxtapositioning as the latter car only part of the commercial. 

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    Is the car ugly from the backside?  Yes.  Does the ad make me want to buy one more than I do already? No. Is money the only thing stopping me from owning this?  With the possible exception of a used SL65, yes.

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