By on December 11, 2009

Want to know what it’s like to tumble from the top of the Renaissance Center? Check it out.

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    Remember kids, don’t try this at home, we’re dumb-asses.

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      Say what you will, but that takes a lot of balls.  I’m pretty good with heights, but that had me cringing.
      And I can appreciate people with this kind of attitude, who seem perfectly ready to die if it all goes bad (no helmets) more than people who whine about not being able to outbrake the motor on their camry.  By doing this, and by videotaping it, there is no way these guys could turn around and sue successfully – and that’s kind of refreshing.

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    GM must’ve laid off all of the RenCen security…

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    ^ That’s what I was thinking.  It almost looks like the building is abandoned. These tongue wagging twits make it to the top and then base jump right next to the security camera and then post the whole thing on YouTube. 

    One thing this video does show, is how run down the area around the Ren Cen is.

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    That’s an awful amount of effort for 1 1/2 seconds of freefall, the rest of the time is just gliding down.
    That street they landed on is cracked pretty bad, that area does seem run down.

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      Mark MacInnis

      My wife and I had to go to Detroit to visit the Japanese consulate (she is from Kyoto…) last year to update her passport.  While we were there, Iwas a.) appalled the absolutely deplorable condition of the city of Detroit, and b.) spooked by the weird echoes and silence in the RenCen, where it seemed about 30% of capacity. 

      So, yeah, not surprising that there’s little if any security to prevent stunts like this.

      Last one out of the RenCen, please turn out the lights….

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    Not enough gold in that chute, but at $1,200/ounce, I can sort of understand.

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    Symbolic insult to injury: the getaway car was a Ford truck…

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    Maybe GM could make some extra cash if they strung up a zip line.  They could charge $20 to ride from the top to the parking lot below.  For an extra $20, they could get Whitacre to push you himself.

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    Black Label Society is a great band….too bad the guy that edited the video set his audio levels way to high – the clipping and distortion is atrocious.
    Also, the area around Ren-Cen looks terrible.  Other than those gripes, it’s an interesting video.

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    Geo. Levecque

    The way the new CEO of General Motors is like you and me changing our dirty socks, more or less, now when you think of it, thre must be something wrong with the inside workings of General Motors altogether, here in Canada they are pushing vehicles as Toys for Christmas, some toys eh?

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    Filmed on a WEEKEND folks. During the week, the place is packed with cars and PLUS, that was filmed several years ago. The Riverwalk is done in that area so it’s pretty spruced up. Having worked in the Ren Cen, I know that is actually really nice inside.

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      Weekend shmeekend, the idea that they could even get in the building, let alone get on the roof and jump off and gather up all their gear and leave, without attracting ANY attention, is scary.  Philippe Petit spent a huge amount of time scoping out the WTC and ultimately had to create fake documents and impersonate a contractor to get in.  And that was in 1974.  Hey, if anyone reading this actually works in the building, think about it, and keep your wallet and your iPod on your person at all times; it’s not like anyone is watching out for you.

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      I guess there’s a certain oblique security in that you don’t have to worry about Terrorism since they tend to look for targets that people will notice have been attacked.

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    N Number

    I don’t know that I would have had the presence of mind to gel my hair before attempting this.

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    I guess they are the only three who went through the “GM executive experience” and landed on their feet.

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    I was kind of hoping for some.. magical story about some yahoo who did wrong at GM and got demoted and eventually was cleaning toilets…

    THATS RIGHT.. I forgot.. ya dont get demoted.. ONLY PROMOTED.
    Damn silly me.

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