"Is Anyone Dumber Than a GM Executive?"

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
is anyone dumber than a gm executive

Even though Autosavant's J.S. Smith is "hardly a snarky, cheer-as-the-Titanic-sinks sneerful spectator," he's more than willing to lay into GM hard when they deserve it. And the decision that prompted Smith to assert that "trained monkeys could do better than the crumb-bums in the RenCen," is certainly worth the vitriol. Smith takes GM to task for deciding against bringing the Chevy Beat stateside. With Toyota bringing a five-door Yaris to the states, and Ford Euro-sizing, not bringing on the Beat "qualifies as less a business move than a bowel movement," says Smith channeling his inner Farago. He also notes that revealing the Beat in New York and asking Americans to vote for a favorite between the Beat and its Trax and Groove siblings was disingenuous at best. Considering that the Beat was handily the people's choice, the move is just plain suicidal. "Not only was GM being idiotic in its decision to not have the Beat available for sale in the US in its first generation when consumer demand for small, efficient vehicles is at a fever pitch, but the company was also dishonest about its intentions and plans for the small cars with the public… This is how you go from a 50% market share to under 20% in a generation." Well said, sir. And welcome to the "snarky, cheer-as-the-Titanic-sinks sneerful spectator" club.

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  • Westhighgoalie Westhighgoalie on Aug 08, 2008
  • MazMan MazMan on Aug 08, 2008

    Considering all the talk and lack of action, they should have called it the Chevy BLEAT.

  • Beelzebubba Beelzebubba on Aug 09, 2008

    My contempt for the "powers-that-shouldn't-be" is unwavering and it makes me smile (not really...metaphorically speaking) to see that others share in my rancor. After decades of pawning off vehicles that were mediocre and outdated, at best, to American consumers, I'm sure there are many who share similar feelings of disdain! Welcome to the club Mr. Smith...GM is one of the few organizations in the world whose idiotic and illogical behavior can push common folk to speak out with such bitterness. Or as my grandma used to say...full of "hate and bile" or "piss and vinegar"....I take them both as compliments! If I'm really pissed off, the word "venom" applies to me as well...it's a gift.

  • Capeplates Capeplates on Aug 09, 2008

    Beat - dead beat more like it!