November Sales Snapshot: Full Size Sedans

Paul Niedermeyer
by Paul Niedermeyer

Impala. That one word pretty well sums up this category, in terms of the heavy players. It’s the only one to break into six figures (YTD). That’s a long way from 1965, when over a million Impalas were sold. And that’s not counting Bel Airs and Biscaynes. Details:

Ranking by YTD SalesNovember 09 Sales% changeYTD Sales% changeChevy Impala1237510%151952-40%Dodge Charger3404-38%54378-33%Nissan Maxima499584%479314%Ford Taurus466954%38361-22%Chrysler 3001918-44%34154-42%Ford Crown Victoria2159-26%30617-33%Buick Lucerne2171-31%29085-43%Toyota Avalon1944-22%24361-40%Mercury Grand Marquis2116-13%21301-23%
Paul Niedermeyer
Paul Niedermeyer

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  • Mtymsi Mtymsi on Dec 08, 2009

    Surprising results to me considering the Impala has been on the market for so long without even a minor update. Wonder what % of Impala sales are fleet. GM obviously has a winner with the Impala are they going to let it die on the vine as they have with so many models in the past? Seems like it's way overdue for at least a styling makeover.

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    • Bunter1 Bunter1 on Dec 09, 2009

      mtymsi-haven't seen this years figures but for the last few years the Imp has been solidly over 50% fleet. Retail wise this thing sells by the inch/$ I think. The folks that buy them can't be aware that virtually every midsize has better rear seat leg/head room. It would be interesting to know how many of the retail sales are for employee pricing. Bunter

  • 1169hp 1169hp on Dec 09, 2009

    Mikey, Is your Impala is an 08' or 09'? Tomorrow I take delivery on my 10' police package Impala unmarked patrol car. I'm currently assigned a light brown 07' Impala. It's been rock solid for the 40,000 miles I've had it. Good in a straight line. Curves, not so much. I've noticed the 09', 10' have this unattractive ground effect added along the rocker panel. I'm not loving it, but I'm sure it "may" improve gas mileage slightly.

    • Mikey Mikey on Dec 09, 2009

      @ 1169hp Mine is an 09. Yeah its got that ground effect thing. I find it a bit of a dirt trap. Some of the cops like the Impala,but most of them still prefer the Crown Vic. Anywhere that it snows, like it is right now,me thinks the FWD Impala would make for a better cruiser. Up here they run them for 3 or 4 years,then the cabbies slap a coat of paint on e'm and run them another 5. Remarkable for a union made domestic eh?

  • Obbop Obbop on Dec 09, 2009

    "That’s a long way from 1965, when over a million Impalas were sold." Indicative of the decline of the USA's "middle class" however one defines that subjective emotion-laden term. Peruse socio-economic data and note the rise of the cost-of-living line and the lower real-wage line and th even lower minimum wage line. Working more hours for less real income and fewer benefits as in the past. Do not expect any real economic recovery soon, folks. Too much money diverted from the hands of the common folks and shunted upwards into the hands of a few. Purposefully done, in my opinion and indicative of an actual factual class war.

    • DPerkins DPerkins on Dec 09, 2009

      I think you are off base on that one. Car and light truck sales soared to record levels (on cheap credit) before the big collapse in the fall of 2008. Impala sales are down, compared to1965, due to the sheer number of cars (alternatives) on the market now. GM, Ford, and Chyrsler had the market to themselves in 1965, and large sedans were a big part of that market.

  • Threeer Threeer on Dec 09, 2009

    Mikey, Yeah...there is something strangely appealing to me about the Impala...especially in LTZ or SS trim. Rented one for a week about a year ago (LTZ...floor-mounted shift, leather, remote start)...for the miles of interstate driving I did, I was really impressed. It's on a (rather long, I admit) list of potential considerations for a "new" car for me next summer. By new, I mean used...but I run two households and am required to do some serious driving if I want to see my family (I live in Huntsville, Alabama...wife and family in Charleston, SC), and something like the Impala would make a nice long-distance cruiser. Hope you continue to enjoy yours. As for the Avalon, my uncle just bought a full-up loaded Limited, and the interior left me a tad cold (as does the new Corolla, for that matter..what the heck is happening with Toyota?). It was no better in terms of quality than my mother's 2003 Corolla. That either speaks poorly of the Avalon, or volumes about the last gen Corolla.

    • Steven02 Steven02 on Dec 09, 2009

      When did they make the floor mounted shifter an option? I thought it was only a column shifter for the longest time.