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Want a slightly different flavor of Fiesta? The Mazda2 should fit the bill.

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21 Comments on “LA Auto Show: Mazda2...”

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    I like to think of the Mazda 2 as a Fiesta with the optional “O Hai” appearance package.

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    If it was shown in LA, does that mean it’s coming to the USA?

    Take THAT, Yaris!

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    Nope, not a mazda:

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    That’s probably a little more attractive to me than the Fiesta.  It looks like it’s got real fog lights and Mazda tends to tune the handling a little more on the fun side than Ford does with its versions.  It’s the same platform, but the Mazda versions have always been more drivers cars then the Fords.  Look at the Mazda3/Focus or Fusion/Mazda6 sisters for other examples.

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    I thought it was built off the same chassis as the Fiesta, but it looks so much smaller.

    I am looking forward to visiting the show this Saturday and drinking in all these new cars.
    I don’t think there has been a show with so much new tech.

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    I like this.  Of course, I liked the Furai and it’s smiling children, so my opinion might not count for much.  I’m also liking it over the Fiesta, which I saw a parade of in Toronto this past weekend and comes off as a little over-chromed and busy.

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    cRacK hEaD aLLeY

    I like it a lot.
    Just have to wait to see the affordable version on the dealer lot. You know, the one with the 15″ steel wheels and plastic hubcaps under the usual 3″ gap between the wheel wells and so on.
    As is on the photos, trimmed-out and good looking,  I think the price is probably going to be too close to a base 3 to be justifiable.

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    4-speed automatic?  Really?

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    Encourage the masses to buy and drive small light-weight fuel-efficient mini-mobiles to decrease congestion, allow increased parking space, lessen amount of fuel burned, possibly, in the future, smaller lanes at least in some areas due to the vast majority of vehicles being itty bitty.  Maybe an extra lane added to a multi-lane freeway or major city street using existing lanes?
    Relativity.  Get enough scoot-mobiles infesting the pavement and a minimal number of larger vehicles (delivery trucks, mass transit, etc) and perhaps profound changes in transpo patterns will improve the general quality of life within cities and ‘burbs of all types and assist in extending the fossil fuels for a lengthy period as ongoing technological advances assist in weening ourselves off liquid motion lotions.
    Anyone recall the sci-fi short story where gramps pulled the hidden forbidden muscle car out of hiding and took the grandkids on a last-chance power-run down the nearby multi-lane boulevard?
    Mid-1960s the written date, perhaps.  Kinda’ foretold the future but that future isn’t here…..yet.

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      Are you talking about “A Nice Morning Drive”, written by Richard Foster, published 1973 by Road and Track?  That’s the song that Rush’s Red Barchetta was based on.
      -date, author and publisher cribbed from Wikipedia…

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    As is on the photos, trimmed-out and good looking,  I think the price is probably going to be too close to a base 3 to be justifiable.
    It depends on what you want.  I could have bought a base Accord or reasonably-loaded Civic but picked the Fit because it was lighter, roomier (in terms of hieght and cargo space) and more fun to drive.  I know more than a few Yaris owners who specifically picked that little jelly-bean because it was lighter, much more efficient and easier to park than the Corolla or Matrix.  And there’s the Versa, which at least has the advantage of being better than the Sentra in just about every way.
    You’re right about the price of the top-trim model, though.  Honda manages to move more than a few Fit Sports and Nissan sells the occasional Versa SL, but I don’t see a lot of Yaris RS models.  The top-trim is going to be there for the few people who want it, but it’s more a bone thrown to keep people from considering the top-trims of the competition.
    4-speed automatic?  Really?
    It’s an economy car and they have to keep the price down (expect rear drums for the same reason).  For one, most drivers won’t notice or care and for another, most of the rest of the class has a four-speed as well (only the Fit, Versa and now the Fiesta don’t, but the Yaris, Rio, Accent and Aveo do).   It will be interesting to see how Ford and Mazda price their respective offerings and what the real world prices will be, because Ford’s car seems to have a higher base content.
    The important thing to remember about this car (and the Fiesta, Fit, Yaris, Versa, etc) is that, in North America, they’re strategic plays more than they are sales in and of themselves.  A good small car is like crack cocaine: it keeps you coming back for more and better.  This is why the Aveo, for example, is so much worse than it’s mere performance suggests: it’s not just losing sales to, eg, the Yaris, it’s also losing future sales of Malibus and Traverses to Camries and Highlanders.

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    Anyone know that the rear-seat and cargo arrangements are?
    This is one area where the Fiesta falls down versus the others in the class: the Fit, for obvious reasons, but the Versa’s very spacious and the Yaris has that neat split-sliding rear seat that makes the most of it’s shoebox.  Even the Aveo’s cheeseball “strap the rear seats to the front headrests” system allows space that Fiesta doesn’t seem to have.
    I’ve found the European Fiesta a good driver’s car, but not quite as versatile holistically.  Is the Mazda similar?

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    Knock, knock, Mazda2 here.
    Mazda2 who?

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    I don’t know why – but I like it. I like it more than the Fiesta. If Mazda do a ‘sillymobile’ turbo charged version of this, I will buy one.

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    Via Nocturna

    I’ve seen the Mazda2s in person, and they’re not bad at all. That stupid clown face that ruins the 3 is less pronounced on the smaller 2, either intentionally or as an effect of the car’s smaller dimensions. I’m dying to know what engine choices are going to be available for the US market.

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    Looks better than the fiesta, IMHO.  I also agree that the smiling 3 effect is much less on this model.

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    Somehow I like the Fiesta’s proportions and styling a little better. But maybe they’re the same. I don’t know. The look of Mazda’s new smiling grille has not grown on me yet, but it’s starting to annoy me less, so there’s a chance that it could.
    Anyway, my aging `87 Accord may need a replacement in a couple of years, and I’ll probably be looking at both these models when it does…

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    They raised the price of the 3 for the latest generation, so there should be plenty of room for this. The fuel economy should be pretty swell, also. I’m just sad that they haven’t announced any plans to bring the 2-door here. The US release is coinciding with a global refresh of the 2, which is why it now has the new corporate grille. It looked better without it. This is also why there aren’t any pictures of the interior for the US version. It’s being re-done for the global refresh and it isn’t finished yet.

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      OMG: much better. That’s a damn shame. But even the refresh looks like an international design award winner compared to that Joker faced 3.

      And it doesn’t look long enough to have allowed the stylists to pollute the design with those silly pregnant  fender lines over the front wheel wells like on the 3, the 6 and the RX8. This is very nice.

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