LA Auto Show: 2011 Ford Fiesta

Alex L. Dykes
by Alex L. Dykes
la auto show 2011 ford fiesta

Ford’s worst kept secret lately has been the new for North America Fiesta. Those who were hoping for a direct translation of the Euro-spec Fiesta might be a bit disappointed. The Fiesta shares a mere 60 percent of its parts in common with its European cousin, but thankfully gets a few improvements like Sync system and a new sedan variant. Er, if you consider those improvements. Inside the Fiesta’s plastics are typically frugal but overall no worse than the ubiquitous Corolla. Trunk room is fairly miniature sized but rear headroom even in the sedan is fairly good even with a 6’6 driver in the front seat.

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  • Sinistermisterman Sinistermisterman on Dec 03, 2009

    A 1.6 engine? Is that it? And the sedan version? Ugh it looks like Honey I shrunk the Focus. Please say Ford will make a hot hatch version of the new Fiesta with a 2.0 engine... otherwise it'll just be a boring small car. :(

  • Accs Accs on Dec 03, 2009

    Z71_Silvy and Sinistermisterman. Are you both SERIOUS?! I cant HONESTLY believe I'm hearing complaints about this car.. as it comes to market.. after almost 3yrs of the entire internet BEGGING for a compact car to be sold under the Fusion but better than the U.S Focus. The entire market has been screaming at the current U.S Focus as one of the worst blunders Ford has managed to eek out. Now Ford spent billions of dollars to upgrade an SUV factory into one that can make these cars... and both of you think its not enough?! NTM the rest in here are complaining about FOG LIGHTS! Sinistermisterman, 1. The 1.6 motor is the first offered in the U.S. I'm guessing that it came right over from Europe.. where you get taxed for a motor larger than 2ltrs. There is no absolute saying a larger motor wont be available. At the LA Autoshow.. the vehicle is shown with aftermarket suppliers with a turbocharger, cold air intake and various other goodies. ntm 2. In case you didnt know. The concept for the fascia design between the Focus and the Fiesta.. is the same. This design is going to be the leader for Ford as we know it.. in their ONE FORD campaign. This happens to be the very car that was in the James Bond movie Casino Royale. Yes, its a bit late to the show.. but everybody wanted the car that they saw on the screen. 3. Also in case you didnt know.. the Europeans had about 6-7 versions of this same vehicle 4. I'm by no means a Ford supporter.. but THIS IS A CAR SITE.. and complaining about the vehicle before its actually arrived at dealerships.. IN ITS FIRST YEAR.. is a little lame. Least ya could do is wait until yr 4-5 to start complaining about a refresh. Z71_Silvy A bit of info on the Fiesta.. For 23g.. you get a decent car with either a hatch or sedan form with Sync. Manual or Automatic a choice of leather interior: Black, Cashmere or Plum tones. (Note, though, that the leather interior is only available on the SEL (sedan) and SES (hatchback) trim levels. Still, several competitors don't offer cowhide insides at all.) And you are complaining about a lack of a nav system, ecoboost motor or moon/sunroof? Ya can save the money on a rapidly deprecating system by buying a Garmin. The Ecoboost is only for the Taurus and vehicles built on the same frame. As I mentioned earlier.. As for as even complaining about the price.. This concept has been spoken about by hundreds of thousands of people.. in every auto company in the U.S. To get you to spend good money, on a compact car. They understand that they have to add upmarket interior pieces in the car. And you are complaining about how the car is too expensive.. and you'd rather buy a Cruze or a grand MORE? How bout ya buy "this car" and stop complaining about why small cars dont have the qualities you want. Not to mention.. who says you will be able to get these same qualities in that larger car. While it is clear the Focus and the Fiesta will be in competition... but every vehicle that Ford has currently.. is in competition. Example, Flex, Escape, Edge, Exploder. just like the Seqoiua / 4 Runner and the Highlander / Venza / RAV4.

    • Sinistermisterman Sinistermisterman on Dec 04, 2009

      It may not sound like it but I am one of the 'blue oval' boys at heart. I just expected Ford to release the car with a variety of different engine sizes for consumers to choose from. In the UK in the previous model of Fiesta you could choose from anything from a 1.2 - 2.0 in petrol and a 1.6 diesel. Yes, taxation is an issue in various European countries, but only by a matter of the equivalent of a hundred dollars a year or so. Getting as many people as possible interested in a new vehicle is not just a matter of making it look good and filling it with gadgets. There are consumers - like me - who want a hot hatch version with a bigger engine. I know we're not in the majority, but a sporty image can help promote a new car. And I'm afraid I just don't like small sedans. They look stupid, and are less useful than a hatchback. And in the case of the Fiesta Sedan - it does look like a Focus that got shrunk in the wash with skateboard wheels. But the hatch looks good. I know it will be a good reliable car and a good seller, and the hatch version is very good looking and I honestly could be one of Ford's prospective buyers of this car in a year or so, but to clinch the deal I need more BHP!

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  • SPPPP It seems like a really nice car that's just still trying to find its customer.