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Make that the Mattel Nano...

The Economic Times of India reports that Tata is considering offering knock-down kits of its Nano microcar and allowing franchisees to offer the world’s cheapest car as a private-label brand. The move is being considered as Tata’s dedicated Nano plant is still ramping up to its 350k unit annual production level, and the company is still having a hard time filling demand. Can’t you just see twelve-packs of Nanos at Costco?

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13 Comments on “Kirkland Signature Nano?...”

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    Well, it looks margianlly safer than a scooter, but that’s about it. I can’t see these ever meeting North American regs.

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    The move is being considered as Tata’s dedicated Nano plant is still ramping up to its 350k unit annual production level, and the company is still having a hard time filling demand

    I don’t get it – I thought the Nano was in short supply and that there was huge waiting lists?

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      Paul Niedermeyer

      The new main Nano factory had to be relocated after locals protested. Until it’s finished, smaller volumes of Nanos are being built at an existing Tata factory.

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    I don’t see this as fitting the CostCo brand. Much more Walmart.

    colin42–they probably need huge economies of scale to turn a profit.

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      And at the other extreme far end of the Tata world, I see the Neiman Marcus edition of the new Jaguar XJ sold out in just three hours. If you’re going to brand something, it needs to be something that people aspire to buy and neither CostCo or WalMart fit that bill.

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    That particular color is which flavor, Watermelon?

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    I’m with Karesh, definitely WallyMart.

    Add the layaway ability, and I’m hearing Johnny Cash’s “One Piece At A Time,” ringing in my head.

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    In a country where riding a Harley is synonymous with “Freedom” we somehow can not allow people to drive a car which lies somewhere along the “safer” continuum from the motorcycle? Go figure.
    Because we like our freedom to be manly**, and there’s nothing manly about a four-wheeled bubblegum-pink roofed scooter made for poor brown people.
    Note: I would totally go for one of these.  But probably not in pink.
    **   It’s one of those interesting dichotomies, like how “loud pipes save lives”, yet the same Harley riders with loud pipes won’t wear neon kevlar jackets or a closed-face helmet.  Or, for that matter, why PETA protesters don’t throw buckets of red paint on members of the Hell’s Angels.

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    Personally I would drop the top on them and sell them as high-performance golf cars.  Add some racing stripes and you got some bitching go-karts.
    It’s not a half bad idea.

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    Doesn’t “Tata” translate to “Kaka”? (In which case, should it be K-mart, and not Wal Mart?)

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    In a mature market nano’s need to compete with second hand cars.  And that they loose.  In a young market like India the number of second hand cars is still low compared with new cars which makes second hand cars expensive and this allows a market opening for this kinds of cars (nano, original mini, beetle, 2CV & 500)

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