Calgary Auto Sales: Gratuitous Much? Again

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

I know I “raised” expectations with the previous post on the beautiful Charlene. And so I feel obliged—obliged I tell you—to provide the denouement to what could well be the sleaziest sexploitation perpetuated by anyone even remotely connected to the automotive industry. I think we can all learn a lesson here: lock up your daughters. And if any member or our B&B needs more vigorous instruction on this matter, Google “Standing and Modeling” using only the first letters of each word.

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • ChuckR ChuckR on Nov 03, 2009

    Ewwww.... The guy reminds me of another Canayjun, Dan Ackroyd, doing his SNL Bass-o-matic pitch. Later, when the engine blows up, he'll get all defensive, like Ackroyd as Irving Mainway, defending the Bag-o-Glass kids toy. As for the beautiful Charlene, perhaps Dave7 can do some research and tell us which gentleman's club employs her.

  • Neb Neb on Nov 03, 2009

    This was shot in 2001 apparently so Charlene has probably moved on to loveless marriages and substance abuse problems by now

  • Joeaverage Joeaverage on Nov 03, 2009

    "Calgary Auto Sales - helping keep the poor, poor since 1978!"

  • Jacksonbart Jacksonbart on Nov 04, 2009

    2001? She probably now has 3 kids from 5 different fathers.